Mississippi State Christian Harmony Singing Convention

Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church
Newton, Mississippi
Saturday, June 26, 2010

President Mike McNeil opened the convention with 323. Prayer by Bill Hollingsworth. Mike McNeil led 60 and 84, and Vice President Tim Gray led 308 and 86. The following leaders were called: Bobbie Caldwell 58t, 129; Hugh Bill McGuire 64; Arlon Gardner 316, 153; John Hollingsworth 259t, 258; Eddie Pierce 188t, 55b; John Van Horn 41t, 168b; Darlene Reynolds 189, 128t; Darlene Reynolds, Hugh Bill McGuire, and Billy Hollingsworth 336t and 41b.

A Memorial Service was held. Those who had passed on were Marsha Hollingsworth Hedrick and Hubert Hollingsworth. Mike McNeil led 204t. John Van Horn offered a prayer in memory of those that had passed on.


Mike McNeil resumed the class by leading 95 and 131. Leaders were called as follows: Jean Gray 105t, 105b; Tim Cook 111t, 111b; Regina Marshall 81t, 313; Mako Cook 51, 30b; Emily Mayes Massey 287, 184; Henry McGuire 16, 155.

Mike MnNeil dismissed the class for lunch. Arlon Gardner blessed the food.

After a bountiful meal and fellowship, the singing resumed with Mike McNeil leading 214 and 72. The following singers were then called to lead: Mark Davis 276, 304; Natalie Davis 289b, 277; Junie McNeil 43, 46t; Tim Gray 140; Bobby Caldwell 201; Bobby Caldwell, Mark Davis, and Hugh Bill McGuire 367; Arlon Gardner 151; John Hollingsworth 250; Eddie Pierce 109; John Van Horn 264; Darlene Reynolds 117; Billy and John Hollingsworth 369.


Arlon Gardner resumed the class by leading 372b. Leaders were called as follows: Billy Hollingsworth 72t; Jean Gray and Hugh Bill McGuire 156; Tim Cook 75b; Regina Marshall requested Arlon Gardner to lead 138; Mako Cook 284; Emily Mayes Massey 179; Mark Davis 208b; Natalie Davis 78b; Eddie Pierce 143.

Announcements were made. Mike McNeil dismissed the convention by leading "The Drone". Mark Davis led the closing prayer.

Respectfully submitted by Bobby Caldwell, Secretary.

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