The 7th Singing on the River

Madison County Arts Council
Marshall, Madison County, North Carolina

Saturday, November 18, 2023

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 2015 Folk Heritage reprint).

Laura Boosinger, chair, welcomed the class.

Opening prayer, June Smathers-Jolley.

59t, Mear - June Smathers-Jolley 129t, Coronation - Scott Swanton 175t, Breaker - Clarke Williams 88, Pisgah - Laura Boosinger 219b, Day-Star - Andy Morse 256t, Pleading Saviour - Jane Cannon 244t, Mutual Love - Maddy Mullany 171t, Sessions - Leslie Booher 170t, Refuge - Mary Baumeister 61t, North Carolina - Calum Woods 55b, Idumea - Carolyn Ogburn 21, Webster - June Smathers-Jolley, with Penelope and Josephine Godfrey 64t, The Penitent's Prayer - Scott Swanton 313, Bruce's Address - Clarke Williams 208b, French Broad - Laura Boosinger 165b, Rockbridge - Andy Morse, with Helena Godfrey 123t, Rapturous Scene - Jane Cannon 318, The Martial Trumpet - Maddy Mullany 214, Hosanna - Leslie Booher 38t, Tillotson - Mary Baumeister


215t, In That Morning - Calum Woods 159t, The Saint's Delight - Carolyn Ogburn 78b, New Britain - June Smathers-Jolley, with Josephine and Penelope Godfrey 117, Angel Band - Scott Swanton and Helena Godfrey 305, Zion's Glory - Clarke Williams 133, Juniata - Andy Morse 205, The Watchman's Call - Jane Cannon 337t, Sweet Harmony - Maddy Mullany 80t, Caddo - Leslie Booher 249b, Adams - Mary Baumeister 116t, The Finest Flower - Calum Woods 248b, Union - Carolyn Ogburn

Grace before lunch—Andy Morse


128t, Ninety-Fifth - Laura Boosinger 147t, Fairfield - June Smathers-Jolley 346, Star in the East - Scott Swanton 345b, The Shepherd's Star - Clarke Williams 245t, Bozrah - Andy Morse 217, Jerusalem - Jane Cannon 137, Antioch - Leslie Booher 103b, Fish Pond - Mary Baumeister 49, Forever with the Lord - Calum Woods 299, Green Meadows - June Smathers-Jolley 130b, Passing Away - Scott Swanton 56t, America - Clarke Williams 143t, Coleshill - Andy Morse 105t, Tender Care - Jane Cannon 60b, China - Leslie Booher 60t, Dunlaps Creek - Mary Baumeister 204t, Prayer Meeting - Calum Woods 359, Wondrous Love - June Smathers-Jolley, with Penelope and Josephine Godfrey 339, Samanthra - Laura Boosinger 69b, Henry - Jacob Lindler 158, The Land of Rest - Scott Swanton 345t, Glad Tidings - Clarke Williams 111t, Minister's Farewell - Andy Morse 159b, Long-Sought Home - Jane Cannon 289b, Happy Land - Leslie Booher


Boosinger Laura gave the closing prayer.

200b, Parting Hand, as the closing song.

Minutes—Mary Baumeister.

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