Harvest Rice

Old St. John's, Rutherfordton, December 2004
brought by John Plunkett, recipe from his niece

"I more or less followed the way my niece had made it."

Her comments: Here is the recipe for the "Harvest Rice Dish" -- but I realized when I reread it that I did some things differently. Instead of baking the almonds and all, I just bought one of those bags of toasted almonds (usually they have them in the produce section - people put them on top of salads, etc) and broke them up a little. Instead of chicken broth, I used vegetable broth (I haven't been eating meat). Instead of dried cranberries, I used orange-flavored Craisins (and I think I was pretty generous with them!). After I cooked the onions, I just stirred the Craisins in pretty well and let it sit for a little bit. I didn't put any mushrooms in it. I used some orange extract instead of the "zest". So basically, I took the recipe and did all kinds of short cuts because this was my first experience actually cooking something other than desserts! This recipe said it served 6, so I doubled it for Thanksgiving.

And here's the recipe she started with:



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