27th South Carolina Singing in Memory of William Walker

Second Presbyterian Church
Spartanburg, Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Frances Carnell welcomed the singers and opened the singing with
129, Coronation. Leon Carnell offered the opening prayer.

The Christian Harmony (2010) morning session:

171, Sessions - Frances Carnell
544, Life's Troubles - Dave Farmer
32b, Zellville - Mary Baumeister
472b, Cleaveland - Robert Kelley, IMO his father
117, Angel Band - Cody Brown
396t, Adams - Bobbi Albert, IMO Ruth Partain
51, Lonsdale - Bill Burns, IHO John Bullard
493b, Day-Star - Michael Spencer
265, Mourner's Lamentation - Jeremiah Ledbetter
453t, De Beza - Jonathan Wood
367, David's Lamentation - Debby Moody, with Garrett Moody
349, Redemption (First) - Chris Wilhelm
546b, Oak Grove - Leslie Booher
289, Happy Land - Phil Perrin
303, The Unclouded Day - Lisa Bennett
201, Mission - David Smead
455b, Rockbridge - Andy Morse


The Sacred Harp (1991) morning session:

145t, Warrenton - Frances Carnell

Business Meeting

Treasurer's report: Our bank account was eaten by the bank during the COVID years. Although we had understood that the bank fees would not be deducted from the account, when the bank was taken over by First Tennessee Bank, that understanding did not transfer with the account. Our treasurer removed whatever pittance was remaining and held it as cash, closing the account.

It was decided to retain our officers once again: Frances Carnell, chairman; Dave Farmer, vice-chairman; Bobbi Albert, treasurer; Mary Baumeister, secretary.

Back to singing:
143, Pleyel's Hymn (First) - Frances Carnell
324, North Port - Dave Farmer
197, Georgia - Mary Baumeister
175, Highlands of Heaven - Robert Kelley
236, Easter Anthem - Cody Brown
457, Wayfaring Stranger - Bobbi Albert
128, The Promised Land - Bill Burns
393, Alexander - Michael Spencer
141, Complainer - Jeremiah Ledbetter
376, Help Me to Sing - Jonathan Wood
547, Granville - Debby Moody, with Garrett Moody
500, Living Hope - Chris Wilhelm
319, Religion is a Fortune - Leslie Booher
85, The Morning Trumpet - Phil Perrin
213t, The Good Old Way - Lisa Bennett
129, Heavenly Armor - David Smead, IMO George Burnette
163t, Morning - Andy Morse
161, Sweet Home - Barbara Brooks
163b, China - Leon Carnell

We broke for lunch, not DOG, but a BYO or go out to eat.

The Christian Harmony (2010) afternoon session:

Dave Farmer standing in for Frances Carnell, brought the class back to order with
75, Sprague
238, Child's Wish - Mary Baumeister, IMO little Jimmie Davis who died in 1863, the song he loved “that his mama learned him”
386, Spartanburg - Robert Kelley
400t, Christian Love - Cody Brown
493t, Kedron - Bobbi Albert
409b, Newingham - Michael Spencer
101, An Address for All - Jeremiah Ledbetter
67b, Dundee - Jonathan Wood
515, Olive Shade - Chris Wilhelm
543, Chase High Road - Leslie Booher
118, Campbell - Lisa Bennett
50, Cranbrook - David Smead
74, God's Helping Hand - Andy Morse
336t, Sweet Harmony - Alekz Cushman
217, Jerusalem - Jacob Lindler


The Sacred Harp (1991) afternoon session:

209, Evening Shade - Dave Farmer
450, Elder - Mary Baumeister
57, Christian Soldier - Robert Kelley
333, Family Circle - Cody Brown
503, Lloyd - Bobbi Albert
308, Parting Friends (Second) - Michael Spencer

Another short Business Meeting:

Considering that we no longer have a bank account, how shall we handle the money we have collected? We will pay for Minutes to FaSoLa, "up" the donation to Second Presbyterian Church, and give the remainder to the Spartanburg County History Museum (which hosts an exhibit on William Walker), a donation from The William Walker Memorial Singing.

Back to singing:
410b, Mutual Love - Jeremiah Ledbetter
288, White - Jonathan Wood, with a friend
178, Africa - Leslie Booher
158, Funeral Thought - Lisa Bennett
287, Cambridge - David Smead
284, Garden Hymn - Andy Morse, IMO Charlene Wallace
315, Immensity - Jacob Lindler
385b, Can I Leave You? - Barbara Brooks
172 (2010), The Grand Highway - David Smead (by request)


347, Christian's Farewell - Dave Farmer

Michael Spencer offered the closing prayer.

We appreciate Second Presbyterian allowing us a good singing space.

Some singers visited William Walker's gravesite and report it is in better condition than in years past.

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Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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21 March 2023

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