The 15th Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Morris' Outdoor Pavilion, Warren Wilson College
Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Saturday, July 22, 2023

The 15th Swannanoa Shape Note Singing was held in Morris Pavilion, Warren Wilson College, in conjunction with Old Time Music and Dance Week.

In the first session, the class led from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Ron Pen greeted the class with announcements, and by leading 70t, Arlington, followed by an opening prayer.

184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Sarah Kehrberg
510b, Invitation - Eli Snyder
32b, Zellville - Clarke Williams
117, Angel Band - Ron Pen
211b, Humble Penitent - Maddy Mullany
191, Oh! Turn, Sinner - Andy Morse
396t, Adams - Leslie Booher
425b, Ryland - Mary Baumeister
493b, Day-Star - Stefani Priskos
19, The Day of Days - Sadhbh O'Flynn
329, Redeeming Grace - Chris Wilhelm
255, Watchman (Second) - Jeremiah Ledbetter
544, Life's Troubles - Dave Farmer
129, Coronation - Lynda Hambourger (plus v 2)
67b, Dundee - Jonathan Wood
453t, De Beza - David Wilson
365, The Indian's Petition - Julius Pasay
409b, Newingham - Michael Spencer
393b, China - Emma Parrish


In this session, the class led from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.

Sarah Kerhberg called the class back to order by leading 186, Sherburne.
434, Fillmore - Clarke Williams
344, Rainbow - Mary Johnston
58, Pisgah - Cari Grindon
503, Lloyd - Al Grindon
455, Soar Away - Ron Pen
234, Reverential Anthem - Maddy Mullany
73t, Cusseta - Tristan Gordon
142, Stratfield - Stina Soderling
410t, The Dying Californian - Barbara Brooks
280, Westford - Andy Morse
319, Religion is a Fortune - Leslie Booher
Following housekeeping, Patty Judson offered a blessing on the meal.

Dinner on the Grounds

Mary Baumeister brought the class to order by leading 333, Family Circle.
Ron Pen led the class into a memorial lesson and led 45t, New Britain, for the deceased.
He read the names of the sick and shut-in and led 146, Hallelujah, to honor them.

The class continued with the following songs from The Sacred Harp (1991):
209, Evening Shade - Julius Pasay
373, Homeward Bound - Stefani Priskos
547, Granville - Kevin Kehrberg
423, Grantville - Sadhbh O'Flynn
61, Sweet Rivers - Jeremiah Ledbetter
318, Present Joys - Dave Farmer
178, Africa - Lynda Hambourger and Debrah Brogden
43, Primrose Hill - Jonathan Wood
276, Bridgewater - David Wilson
289, Greensborough - Michael Spencer
288, White - Emma Parrish
292, Behold the Savior - Robert Kelley
99, Gospel Trumpet - Bill Hogan
309, Living Lamb - Nancy Hogan
47b, Idumea - Debrah Brogden


Sarah Kehrberg brought the class back to order and proposed entering a short business meeting. It was moved that the singing keep the same slate of officers and approved by unanimous vote.

Clarke Williams brought the class to order by leading 88t, Done With the World.

The class proceeded by leading the following selections (leaders choice) from The Sacred Harp (1991) (tag 'SH'), The Southern Harmony (1854) (tag 'SoH'), or The Christian Harmony (2010) (tag '2010').

58 (SoH), Consolation new - Eli Snyder
173b (SoH), Solitude New - Chris Wilhelm
186 (SH), Sherburne - Cari Grindon
171 (SH), Exhortation (First) - Al Grindon
322 (SoH), Samanthra - Ron Pen
537 (2010), Crucifixion - Maddy Mullany
72t (SoH), Georgia - Andy Morse
546b (2010), Oak Grove - Leslie Booher
145 (SoH), Rhode Island - Mary Baumeister
141 (SH), Complainer - Julius Pasay
91 (2010), There is a Fountain - Stefani Priskos
248 (2010), Twilight is Falling - Kevin Kehrberg
13 (2010), Traveler's Hope - Sadhbh O'Flynn
339 (SH), When I Am Gone - Jeremiah Ledbetter
196 (SH), Alabama - Dave Farmer
200 (SH), Edom - Lynda Hambourger
13t (SoH), Dublin - Jonathan Wood
109 (2010), Not Made with Hands - Dave Farmer
172 (2010), The Grand Highway - Bill Hogan and Nancy Hogan
4b (SoH), Hanover - Robert Kelley

Secretary's report - 54 registered singers from 8 states, 30 leaders.
Following announcements, Sarah Kehrberg led the class in 267 (SH), Parting Friends (First) to close the singing, followed by a prayer.

Officers: Chair—Sarah Kehrberg, Vice Chair—Ron Pen, Secretary—Eli Snyder, Treasurer—Clarke Williams, Member at Large—Maddy Mullany.

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