Rusk County Singing Convention, 15th Year

Old Pine Grove Church
Henderson, Rusk County, Texas

Saturday, April 22, 2023 and Sunday, April 23, 2023

The Rusk County Singing Convention met for the 15th year on the Saturday before the fourth Sunday in April at Old Pine Grove Church near Henderson, Texas. The tune book for Saturday was The B. F. White Sacred Harp (Cooper Book), 2012 Revision. Chairman Chris Nicholson called the class to order by 49t. Elder Robert Vaughn offered the opening prayer.

A business meeting was held and the following officers were elected: Chairman—Henry McGuire; Vice-Chairman—Joseph Sherer; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

Leaders: Henry McGuire 49b, 563; Joseph Sherer 540, 277; Gaylon Powell 171, 272; Robert Vaughn 142, 203; Emily Brown 140, 86; Ivy Hauser 336t, 54t; Charlie McGuire 399, 442t; Danny Creel 404, 98.


Leaders: Henry McGuire 300; Kerry Cullinan 27, 273; Eva Striebeck 138t, 309; Cindy Tanner 573, 230; Regina Derstine 152, 45b; Ann Jett 503, 515; Lloyd Wright 83t, 48t; Kristie Powell 514, 133. Chris Nicholson asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Leaders: Henry McGuire 464; Margaret Wright 122, 380t; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 212, 522; Elijah Wright 478, 277; Kerry Cullinan 28b; Kerry Cullinan and Chris Nicholson 38t; April Wright 470, 38b; Eva Striebeck 210; Danny Creel 355; Charlie McGuire 386; Cindy Tanner 414; Regina Derstine 543.


Leaders: Henry McGuire 582; Ann Jett 39; Joseph Sherer 99; Robert Vaughn 521; Emily Brown 106; Elijah Wright 546; Ivy Hauser 95t; Jeanie Noble 571; Kristie Powell 497; Lloyd Wright 491; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 30b; Margaret Wright 192; Gaylon Powell 244; April Wright 282.

Henry McGuire appointed Chris Nicholson and Emily Brown to serve on the memorial committee. After announcements, Henry McGuire led 62 for the closing song. Robert Vaughn led the closing prayer.

Sunday, April 23

The Sunday session of the convention was held in conjunction with the Pine Grove Cemetery Homecoming. The tune book for Sunday was The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition. Henry McGuire led 204t for the opening song. The opening prayer was offered by Elder Robert Vaughn.

Leaders: Henry McGuire 51; Gaylon Powell 64, 155; Chris Nicholson 507b, 50; Kristie Powell 138, 332; Robert Vaughn 60, 303; Emily Brown 255, 55; Regina Derstine 346, 193; Ann Jett 59b, 338b; Charlie McGuire 337, 331; Eva Striebeck 544, 546b; Cindy Tanner 493b, 85; Kerry Cullinan 67b, 67t.


Leaders: Henry McGuire 432b; Danny Creel 186, 316; Sonya Kirkham 486t, 189; Ivy Hauser 13, 362; Charity Vaughn 82t, 180.

The memorial lesson was held at this time. Chris Nicholson made some opening comments. Emily Brown made some comments concerning the sick and shut-ins, and read the list of names: Uschi Nolte, Janie Short, Tammy Powell, Kevin Powell, Norma Dickerson, Mary Ellen Wilkinson, Ruth and Carrone Bryant, Wanda Capps, and Lucy Heidorn. She then led 142.

Chris Nicholson made some comments the deceased, and read the list of names: Charlotte Powell, Cheryl Foreman, Curtis Jones, Sue Batson, Beverly Nelms—Texas; Norma Green, Marlon Wootten, Boyd Scott, Claudene Townson, Juanita Beasley—Alabama; Pete Sutherland—Vermont; Maria Tienda, Allen Dulaney, Patricia Gossett—Recent burials at Pine Grove Cemetery. He then led 76b. The memorial lesson closed with prayer by Elder Robert Vaughn.

Leaders: Natalie Fletcher 117, 113; Emily Brown 31t; Ivy Hauser 36t. Gaylon Powell asked the blessing for the noon meal.


Henry McGuire called singers back leading 208b. Discussion was held, and a decision was made to form a non-profit organization to take over and oversee the renovation and upkeep of the building.

Leaders: Henry McGuire 172; Kristie Powell 548; Kerry Cullinan 417; Danny Creel 307; Regina Derstine 308; Joan Smith 353, 58b; Ann Jett 149; Eva Striebeck 354; Cindy Tanner 131; Charlie McGuire 448t; Sonya Kirkham 128t; Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn 105b; Natalie Fletcher 109; Robert Vaughn 82b; Gaylon Powell 264.

After some announcements, Henry McGuire and Chris Nicholson led 549b for the closing song. Elder Robert Vaughn led the closing prayer.

Chairman—Henry McGuire; Vice Chairman—Joseph Sherer; Secretary—Gaylon Powell.

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