The 21st Greene County New Harp of Columbia Singing

New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church
near Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee

Saturday, June 3, 2023

All selections from New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. Song numbers beginning with 'A' are found in the Appendix.

Jeff Farr welcomed the singers and opened the singing with 107, Holy Manna, and a prayer.

19, Wells - Chris Wilhelm
A22, Detroit - Jeremy Shipp
21t, Rockingham - Leslie Booher
30, Sion's Security - Elizabeth Shipp
143, Wondrous Love - Scott Swanton
A125, Cumberland - Mary Baumeister (for Wallace Teska currently in Dakar, Senegal; also for Claudia Dean who was unable to be with us today)
74, Never Part Again - Larry Beveridge
183, Long Ago - James Shipp
68t, Paradise - Verity Shipp
A73, Crucifixion - Jayson Sybesma


115, Northfield - Jeff Farr
A87, Confidence - Chris Wilhelm
A96, David's Victory - Jeremy Shipp
22t, Missionary Chant - Leslie Booher
120b, Martyn - Elizabeth Shipp
128b, Ortonville - Scott Swanton
12, Albion - Mary Baumeister (for Julianne Wiley)
117, Coronation - Larry Beveridge
A184c, Morning Bell - James Shipp
A162, David's Lamentation - Verity Shipp
53b, Dundee - Jeff Farr (as the blessing for lunch)

There was a short singing school for newbies while lunch was being set out.


180, Whitestown - Jeff Farr
110, North Salem - Jayson Sybesma
195, Easter Anthem - Dan Huger
94, Devizes - Chris Wilhelm
121, Seaman - Jeremy Shipp
39t, China - Leslie Booher
A168, Lena - Elizabeth Shipp
35, Ninety-Fifth - Scott Swanton
216, O Praise God in His Holiness - Mary Baumeister
52t, Ballerma - Larry Beveridge
A184a, Down Derry - James Shipp
99, Morning Trumpet - Verity Shipp
42, Lenox - Jayson Sybesma
18, Windham - Dan Huger
56t, Heavenly Armour - Jeff Farr
A21, Consolation - Ian Chesser
145, Oliphant - Mary Baumeister (requested by Linda Krieger)
144, Rowley - Jeff Farr
114t, Zion - Leslie Booher


134, Indian's Farewell - Jeff Farr
95, Parting Hand (as the closing song)
Jeff Farr closed the singing with prayer.

We had about 30 singers before lunch. The day was sunny, warm, and beautiful.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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