13th Madison County (Grapevine) Singing

Center Community Center
Petersburg Community, Madison County, North Carolina

Saturday, March 4, 2023

All selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 2015 Folk Heritage reprint).

Carolyn Ogburn welcomed the singers.
Willie Israel offered the opening prayer.

215t, In That Morning - Willie Israel
69b, Henry - Mary Baumeister
129t, Coronation - Lois Porter
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Dan Huger
145b, Consolation - Chris Wilhelm
148, Leander - Chris Berg
58b, Primrose - Zeb Jolley
77t, Rockingham (First) - June Smathers-Jolley
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
204t, Prayer Meeting - Carolyn Ogburn
169t, All-Saints - Andy Morse


235, Faithful Soldier - Willie Israel
161t, Wells - Mary Baumeister
49, Forever with the Lord - Dan Huger
105b, Resignation - Lois Porter, IMO her daughter
105t, Tender Care - Chris Wilhelm
35b, Boylston - Chris Berg
255t, Watchman - Zeb Jolley
248b, Union - June Smathers-Jolley
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
103b, Fish Pond - Andy Morse
40t, New Year - Jeremy Shipp with Grace Shipp
59t, Mear - Elizabeth Shipp
137, Antioch - James Shipp
210t, Old Hundred - Verity Shipp
67b, Dundee - Willie Israel


Willie Israel offered the Grace.

55b, Idumea - Willie Israel
238t, Angel (or, Child's Wish) - Mary Baumeister, IMO little Jimmie who died in 1863. He loved this song.
26b, Ninety-Third - Dan Huger
173b, Reformation - Lois Porter
118b, Lydia - Chris Wilhelm IMO Lydia Lewallen
299, Green Meadows - Chris Berg
343, Tell the Story - Zeb Jolley
70b, Brown - June Smathers-Jolley, for Larry Beveridge
359, Wondrous Love - Carolyn Ogburn
203, Cumberland - Andy Morse
289b, Happy Land - Jeremy Shipp with Grace Shipp
269t, Restoration - Elizabeth Shipp
367, David's Lamentation - James Shipp
59b, Dove of Peace - Verity Shipp
117, Angel Band - Avery Blatt



36b, Albion - Willie Israel
86, Ortonville - Mary Baumeister
23b, Evening Hymn - Dan Huger
219b, Day-Star - Chris Wilhelm
321t, Olive Shade - Chris Berg
215t, In That Morning - Zeb Jolley
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven - June Smathers-Jolley
36t, Lovely Vine - Jeremy Shipp, with Ka Wolfgramm
78b, New Britain - James Shipp
81t, Maitland - Andy Morse

For the closing song, we sang
200b, Parting Hand

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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09 March 2023

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