The 12th Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

Sweetwater Memorial Chapel
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Saturday, December 9, 2023 and Sunday, December 10, 2023

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Saturday, December 9

The 12th Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention was called to order by Shannon Primm leading 23t. John Hollingsworth offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Jane Cannon 43; David Smead 401b, 396t; Christy Sinksen 136, 548; John Plunkett 67t, 455t; Bill Hollingsworth 26t, 428, for Elsie Hollingsworth; Esther Morgan-Ellis 155, 63b; Lisa Bennett 346, 347; Chris Wilhelm 161t, 63t; John Hollingsworth 358; Maddy Mullany 29, 216b; Robert Kelley 123, 447.


Jane Cannon called the class back to order with 103. Leaders: Eli Snyder 144b, 262; Ken Tate 168b, 121t; Maggie Zhou 258, 46t; Danny Creel 493b, 354; Clarke Williams 465t, 54; Cassie Allen 74, 292; Sam Kleinman 362, 326; Shannon Primm 163b; Jane Cannon 1, 105t; David Smead 372.


Shannon Primm brought the class back to order with 51. Leaders: Christy Sinksen 493t, 137; John Hollingsworth 250t, 82t, for his mother; Esther Morgan-Ellis 443, 317; Sam Kleinman 316, 455b; Clarke Williams 33, 32b; Cassie Allen 281t, 81b; Robert Kelley 374; Bill Hollingsworth 345, 300; Eli Snyder 198; Danny Creel 230b, 186; Maggie Zhou 544, 411; Maddy Mullany 429, 511; Ken Tate 339, 67b; Lisa Bennett 432b, 546b; Chris Wilhelm 327, for Wanda Capps; John Plunkett 133, for Bill Hogan; 534. After announcements, Shannon Primm led 23b. Christy Sinksen closed the singing with prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, December 10

Shannon Primm brought the class to order with 21. Judy Mincey offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Shannon Primm 9; Jane Cannon 38; David Smead 18, 93; John Plunkett 509b, 527; Lisa Bennett 332, 303, for Janice Bryson; Doug Allison 217, 339; Chris Wilhelm 476b, 52; Helen Bryson 432b, 131; Ken Tate 474, 490; Maggie Zhou 437, 419t; Jesse P. Karlsberg 235, 322.


Shannon Primm brought the class together with 214. Leaders: Judy Mincey 306, 397b; Laurie Allison 88; Nathan Rees 231, 6; Eli Snyder 176; Sam Kleinman 276, 66t; Maddy Mullany 336t, 138; Cassie Allen 167b, 110; Robert Kelley 145b, 409t.

Lisa Bennett led the Memorial Lesson. She read the list of names of the sick and shut-in: Bill Hogan, Alex Forsyth, Rachel Geary, Richard Mauldin, Bridger Dunnagan, Anna Whalen, John Hollingsworth, Elsie Hollingsworth, Bill Hollingsworth. The list of the deceased: Dan Brittain—Arkansas; Matt Plunkett—Colorado; Karen Walker—New Mexico; Zoe Clay, Lydia Lewallen, David Wilson, Lara Nguyen, Tim Aldrich—North Carolina; Kathleen Kelley—Virginia, Eva Striebeck—Germany. Lisa spoke about the reasons that singers aren't able to attend singings, and of the importance of remembering them. Jane Cannon led 292 and Judy Mincey closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Shannon Primm brought the class back to order leading 137. Leaders: Danny Creel 364, 308; Lauren Bock 149, 19; Matt Hinton 171; Abigail Cannon and Maddy Mullany 221b; David Smead 543; Laurie Allison and Doug Allison 353; Doug Allison 106; Eli Snyder 192; Ken Tate 76b; Maggie Zhou 193; Jane Cannon 13; Jesse P. Karlsberg 144b; Maddy Mullany 432t; Lisa Bennett 64; Sam Kleinman 265, 172; Cassie Allen 182; Robert Kelley 304; Judy Mincey 50; Lauren Bock 54; Danny Creel 338b; John Plunkett 282.

A business session was held. New officers for the convention were elected and their two-year term will start in 2024. Chair—Jane Cannon; Vice Chair—David Smead; Secretary—Maddy Mullany. Shannon Primm gave the Treasurer's report, reporting that expenses were met. Shannon Primm also gave the Locations committee report, reporting that the Convention will be held in a different, to be determined, location in 2024. Eli Snyder presented the report of the Resolutions committee and the business session was adjourned.

Ken Tate led Ken Tate 462t, by request. After announcements, Shannon Primm led Shannon Primm 203. Judy Mincey offered the closing prayer.

Chairman—Shannon Primm; Vice Chairman—Jane Cannon; Secretary—David Smead.

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