The 16th Camp DoReMi—2023

Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Thursday, September 28, 2023 to Sunday, October 1, 2023

The 16th session of Camp DoReMi was held at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC, from September 28 through October 1, 2023. Books used during the singing school were The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, and New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001.

Officers for the camp were Jonathon Smith—Director; Jane Cannon—Assistant Director; Chris Wilhelm—Librarian.

Instructors and classes: Hayden Arp taught Camp DoReMi Finishing School: Etiquette in the Square; Thom Fahrbach taught Oddities of The Christian Harmony; Nathan Rees taught Rudiments; Michael Walker taught Cracking the Mystical Code: Discussion & Tips for Improving Your Sight Reading. On Saturday there was an optional field trip to Western Carolina University's Mountain Heritage Day Sacred Harp & Christian Harmony Singing in Cullowhee, North Carolina. For participants that stayed at Wildacres, Jonathon Smith and Nathan Rees conducted a Question and Answer Session, and Nathan taught some more Rudiments. Saturday afternoon could be used for free time or singing practice. Two of the instructors scheduled to teach tested positive for COVID before arriving at camp, and were unable to teach.

Thursday Evening Singing, September 28th

The Christian Harmony session:
323, Holy Manna - Jonathon Smith
61t, North Carolina - Jane Cannon
101, An Address for All - Thom Fahrbach
1, Weary Rest - Chris Wilhelm
103, Derrick - Hayden Arp
193, Kay - Erin Fulton
509b, The Good Shepherd - Leslie Booher
490, Creation (Second) - Judy Mincey
76b, Night - John Berendzen
65, The Golden Hill - Gail Doss
409b, Newingham - Michael Spencer
508, Heavenly Rest - Michael Walker
63b, Pardoning Love - Alex Forsyth
339, Samanthra - Erica Martinez
131, Will You Meet Me? - Liz Patton
123, Rapturous Scene - Clarke Williams
292, Grief of Love - Maddy Mullany
208b, French Broad - Anita Landess

The New Harp of Columbia session:
67t, Soda - Jonathon Smith
74, Never Part Again - Robin Goddard
22t, Missionary Chant - Leslie Booher
94, Devizes - Hayden Arp
A127, Jalinda - Michael Walker
30, Sion's Security - Erin Fulton
24, Salvation - Thom Fahrbach
64t, Zerah - Judy Mincey
118, Celebration - Michael Spencer
A74, Davisson's Retirement - Maddy Mullany
98, Liberty - Chris Wilhelm
49, Lone Pilgrim - Clarke Williams
75b, Lorinda - Gail Doss
21t, Rockingham - Jonathon Smith

Chair—Jonathon Smith; Secretary & Arranging—Jane Cannon.

Friday Evening Singing, September 29th

The New Harp of Columbia session:
113b, Liverpool - John Berendzen
Prayer—Thom Fahrbach
113t, Sutton - Liz Patton
154, Yarmouth - Judy Mincey
21t, Rockingham - Gail Doss and Julie Hornsby
67b, New Year - Hayden Arp
99, Morning Trumpet - Robin Goddard
32, Farewell - Nathan Rees
120t, Christian Soldier - Erin Fulton
109, Bruce's Address - Michael Walker
144, Rowley - Jonathon Smith
180, Whitestown - Thom Fahrbach
111, Hamburg - Clarke Williams
124, The Saint's Adieu - Jane Cannon

Christian Harmony session:
81t, Maitland - John Berendzen
402t, Olive Leaf - Michael Spencer
171, Sessions - Erica Martinez
419t, Rockingham (First) - Leslie Booher
210b, Contented Soldier - Maddy Mullany
515, Olive Shade - Anita Landess
109, Not Made with Hands - Erin Fulton (by request of Diane Heywood)
48, Mount Helicon - Clarke Williams
547, Higher Ground - Judy Mincey
359, Wondrous Love - Gail Doss and Julie Hornsby
67b, Dundee - Hayden Arp
Closing Prayer – Thom Fahrbach

Chair—John Berendzen, Secretary—Liz Patton, Arranging—Erin Fulton.

Saturday Evening Singing, September 30th

The Saturday Evening Singing was dedicated to the memory of four Camp DoReMi alumni who passed away in the last year: Lydia Lewallen of Durham, North Carolina, Eva Striebeck of Bremen, Germany, David Wilson of Raleigh, North Carolina and Cora Sweatt of Athens, Tennessee. Participants were invited to share their memories of anyone they wanted to remember during this memorial singing.

New Harp of Columbia session:
41b, Nashville - Erin Fulton
Prayer - Michael Walker
159b, Ocean - Hayden Arp
47, The Promised Land - Leslie Booher
144, Rowley - Judy Mincey
134, Indian's Farewell - Nathan Rees
73t, Oh, Sing to Me of Heaven - Michael Spencer
80b, Shawmut - Robin Goddard
81b, Golden Hill - Chris Wilhelm
83, Kingwood - Thom Fahrbach (in memory of Eva)
45, Kedron - John Berendzen
48, Christian Contemplation - Maddy Mullany
29t, Convoy - Clarke Williams
154, Yarmouth - Liz Patton
A58, Emerald Gates - Michael Walker (in memory of Eva)
51, Mount Olivet - Jonathon Smith
68t, Paradise - Jane Cannon
A62, Florida - Gail Doss
14, Mear - Anna Whalen and Robin Goddard
A63, New-Market - Eli Snyder

Christian Harmony Session:
142, The Solid Rock - Erin Fulton
543, Chase High Road - Leslie Booher
540, Funeral Anthem - Judy Mincey
277, Sweet Affliction - Nathan Rees (in memory of Cora)
448t, Suffield - Michael Spencer
128b, Ninety-Fifth - Chris Wilhelm (in memory of David)
276, Worlds Beyond the Sky - Thom Fahrbach
163t, Hollis - Hayden Arp (in memory of Lydia)
332, Babylonian Captivity - John Berendzen
162, Redeemed Singers - Anita Landess
317, The Christian Soldier - Maddy Mullany
432t, Loftin - Clarke Williams
228, Pass Me Not - Liz Patton and Julie Hornsby
327, The Christian's Hope - Michael Walker (in memory of Charlotte Walker and Dorothy Lane)
13, Traveler's Hope - Jane Cannon
171, Sessions - Gail Doss
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Diane Heywood and Hayden Arp
486t, Retreat - Anna Whalen and Clarke Williams
258, Thorny Desert - Jonathon Smith
85, Mercy Seat - Erica Martinez (in memory of Lydia)
453t, De Beza - Eli Snyder (in memory of David)
432b, Fish Pond - Judy Mincey
Prayer - Chris Wilhelm

Chair—Erin Fulton, Arranging—Hayden Arp, Minutes—Maddy Mullany.

There were 26 participants this year: 8 from North Carolina, 4 from Tennessee, 3 from Georgia, 3 from Oregon, 2 from Arizona, 1 from Illinois, 1 from Massachusetts, 1 from Pennsylvania and 3 from the UK.

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