Folk School Christian Harmony and Sacred Harp Singing, 30th Year

John C. Campbell Folk School
Brasstown, Cherokee County, North Carolina

Saturday, July 8, 2023

(Stefani Priskos, the Folk School host for the singing, tested positive for Covid the day before, so Will Peebles taught the one hour introduction to shapenote singing prior to the singing itself and acted as host.)

Will Peebles welcomed the singers to the Folk School. Steve Walker gave the opening prayer.

The first morning session was from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.
61t, North Carolina - Will Peebles
452b, Hebron - Mary Baumeister
359, Wondrous Love - Emma Parrish
55b, Idumea - Lily Hammond
131, Will You Meet Me? - Steve Walker
146t, Solemn Warning - Esther Morgan-Ellis
87, The Promised Land - Dave Farmer
432b, Fish Pond - Chris Wilhelm, with Abigail Cannon
78b, New Britain - Abigail Cannon
367, David's Lamentation - Stephen Fox


The second morning session was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.
497, Natick - Emma Parrish
59, Holy Manna - Will Peebles
145t, Warrenton - Chris Wilhelm
274t, The Golden Harp - Mary Baumeister
63, Coronation - Lily Hammond
285t, Arnold - Esther Morgan-Ellis
31b, Webster - Steve Walker
155, Northfield - Dave Farmer
84, Amsterdam - Abigail Cannon
503, Lloyd - Dave Farmer

Lunch. Grace offered by Steve Walker.

The first afternoon session was from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.
51, Lonsdale - Will Peebles
516, Oliphant - Mary Baumeister
26b, Ninety-Third - Emma Parrish
165, Babylon is Fallen - Lily Hammond
128b, Ninety-Fifth - Esther Morgan-Ellis
486t, Retreat - Steve Walker
347, Portuguese Hymn - Dave Farmer
174t, Prospect - Chris Wilhelm (by request)
175, O How I Love Jesus - Mary Baumeister, with Lamar Chastain (by request)
344, Morality - Will Peebles
179, Traveling On - Emma Parrish
207t, Windham - Will Peebles, with Bo Wilkey


The second afternoon session was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.
58, Pisgah - Will Peebles
287, Cambridge - Helen Bryson
178, Africa
457, Wayfaring Stranger - Chris Wilhelm, with Hannah Ladesic
400, Struggle On - Mary Baumeister
209, Evening Shade - Emma Parrish
542, I'll Seek His Blessings - Lily Hammond
37b, Liverpool - Esther Morgan-Ellis
270, Confidence - Abigail Cannon
455, Soar Away - Dave Farmer
565, The Hill of Zion - Steve Walker
284, Garden Hymn - Chris Wilhelm


48t, Devotion - Chris Wilhelm (by request)
62, Parting Hand - Will Peebles

Steve Walker gave the closing prayer.

Acting Officers: Will Peebles, Chair; Chris Wilhelm, Arranging; Mary Baumeister, Secretary.

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