The 16th Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing (Greenville)

The Church of Greenville
Simpsonville, Greenville County, South Carolina

Saturday, September 10, 2022

(All selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.)

The 16th Greenville-Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing was called to order by chairperson Robert Kelley, leading 82t. Leon Carnell offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Robert Kelley 344; Leon Carnell 86; Dave Farmer 40; Barbara Brooks 119; Bill Hogan 36b; David Jones 77t; Mary Baumeister 73t; Adam Eastland 45t; Jeremiah Ledbetter 31t; Frances Carnell 484; Jonathan Wood 49b; John Plunkett 145t; Alekz Cushman 117; Robert Ladwig 38b; Chris Wilhelm 486 (in memory of Tim Aldrich); Esther Bennett 457.


Robert Kelley called the class back to order with 326. Leaders: Leon Carnell 479; Dave Farmer 299; Barbara Brooks 378b; Bill Hogan 76b; David Jones 72b; Mary Baumeister 449; Adam Eastland 143; Jeremiah Ledbetter 162; Frances Carnell 192; Ross Tuttle 178; Jonathan Wood 179; Eric Carnell 547; John Plunkett 80t; Alekz Cushman 159; Robert Ladwig 47b; Chris Wilhelm 142; Diane Eskenasy 155; Esther Bennett 412. Jonathan Carnell offered thanks before the noon meal.


The class was called back into session by Robert Kelley with 337. Leaders: Leon Carnell 332; Dave Farmer 455; Barbara Brooks 303; Bill Hogan 53; Mary Baumeister 390; Adam Eastland 472; Frances Carnell 318; Jonathan Wood 66; Eric Carnell 379; John Plunkett 235; Victoria Eastland 236; Robert Ladwig 209; Alekz Cushman 148; Chris Wilhelm 65; Diane Eskenasy 146; Esther Bennett 412; Chris Carnell 430.


Robert Kelley called the class back to order with 271t. Leaders: Leon Carnell 163b; Dave Farmer 313b; Barbara Brooks 129; Bill Hogan 277; Grace Carnell 171; Jeremiah Ledbetter 418; Eric Carnell 384; Jonathan Carnell 84; Sarah Carnell 480; Leon and Frances Carnell, with 12 grandchildren 282; Molly Carnell and Meriam Carnell and Esther Tricquet 61; Molly Carnell 59; Mary Baumeister 450; Alekz Cushman 268; Robert Ladwig 445.

Following announcements, Robert Kelley led 521 as the closing song, and John Plunkett closed the singing with prayer.

By acclamation, the current slate of officers was retained.

Chairperson—Robert Kelley; Vice Chairperson—Leon Carnell; Secretary—Dave Farmer.

Minutes: Dave Farmer

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