The 11th Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

Sweetwater Memorial Chapel
Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, Georgia

Saturday, December 10, 2022 and Sunday, December 11, 2022

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Saturday, December 10

The 11th Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention was called to order by Jane Cannon leading 65. John Plunkett offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Jane Cannon 64; David Smead 67b, 81b; Eli Snyder 345, 307; Michael Spencer 409b, 401b; Bill Hollingsworth 428, 172; Christy Sinksen 548; Robert Kelley 146b, 410b; Esther Morgan-Ellis 88, 62b; John Plunkett 526, 527; Lisa Bennett 546t, 546b.


Jane Cannon called the class back to order with 215. Leaders: Julius Pasay 16, 262; Stefani Priskos 59b, 346; Tim Gregg 224, 384; Clarke Williams 7, 210b; Jesse P. Karlsberg 155, 74; Maddy Mullany 258; Maddy Mullany and Bridger Dunnagan 61t; Michael Walker 105t, 43; Jane Cannon 171.


Eli Snyder called the class back to order with 131. Leaders: David Smead 276, 13; Michael Spencer and Brent Hedrick 163b, 493b; Robert Kelley 103, 326; Esther Morgan-Ellis 317, 6; Bill Hollingsworth 136, 369; Christy Sinksen 492b; Lisa Bennett 432b, 515; Stefani Priskos 336t, 316; Tim Gregg 112, 250t; John Hollingsworth 51, 90; John Plunkett 321, 300; Jane Cannon 54, 38.


Jane Cannon called the class back to order with 93. Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg 144b, 354; Maddy Mullany 8, 216b; Michael Walker 235, 419t (235 for Jane's mother Dorothy); Clarke Williams 247, 511; Michael Spencer 495; Eli Snyder 198; David Smead 197; Bill Hollingsworth 455b; Esther Morgan-Ellis 443; Robert Kelley 116; Lisa Bennett 117 (in memory of her mother); Christy Sinksen 147; John Hollingsworth 204t. After announcements, Jane Cannon led 157.

John Plunkett closed the singing with prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Sunday, December 11

Jane Cannon brought the class to order with 50. John Plunkett offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Jane Cannon 332; David Smead 339, 101; Eli Snyder 268, 207b; Esther Morgan-Ellis 269t, 100; Maddy Mullany 437, 44b; Michael Walker 281b, 318; Clarke Williams 313, 1; Dave Farmer 544, 346; Robert Kelley 430, 447.


Michael Spencer brought the class back to order leading 163t. Leaders: Michael Spencer 401b; Lisa Bennett 123, 347; Tim Gregg 510b, 125b; Cindy Tanner 149, 322; Jesse P. Karlsberg 320, 182.

Michael Walker led the Memorial Lesson. He read the list of names of the sick and shut-in: Philip Denney, Wanda Capps, Shannon Primm, Kenneth George, Marlon Wootten, and Doug Ivey.

The list of names of those who have passed away since the last session of this convention, in 2019: Ruth Partain, Tim Martin, Dorothy Lane, Tim Aldrich, Gary Poe—North Carolina; Charlotte and Don Walker, Graham DeZarn—Virginia; Larry Gordon—Vermont; Reidein O'Flynn—Ireland/New York; Jerry Capps, Edna Graves, Juanita Beasley—Alabama; and Samuel Tannenbaum. Michael spoke about the separation from the singing community we all experienced due to the COVID pandemic, and how wonderful it is for us to be back together again. Michael Walker led 26t and John Plunkett closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 510t, 509b; Cassie Allen 81b, 292.


Jane Cannon brought the class back to order with 58b. Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 507t, 540; John Hollingsworth 250t, 261b; Michael Walker 458; Eli Snyder 334; David Smead 18; Esther Morgan-Ellis 134; Maddy Mullany 205; Clarke Williams 372.

A business session was held. The officers for this convention were elected in 2019 for a two year term starting in 2020. Because this is the first meeting of this convention since 2019, the class voted to retain the current officers for another year: Chair—Shannon Primm; Vice Chair—Jane Cannon; Secretary—David Smead. The class voted to move the date of this convention to the second Sunday in December and the Saturday before. Michael Spencer gave the Treasurer's report, and the class agreed that the Georgia Christian Harmony Convention will continue to sponsor a scholarship to Camp DoReMi in 2023 for a Georgia singer. The Locations committee reported that the singing will be held in 2023 at Sweetwater Chapel in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Clarke Williams presented the report of the Resolutions committee and the business session was adjourned.

Leaders: Robert Kelley 412t; Lisa Bennett 342; Cindy Tanner 51, 54; Jesse P. Karlsberg 133; Cassie Allen 63b, 176; Michael Spencer 310t, 455b; John Plunkett 534; Jane Cannon and Cassie Allen 338b; Bill Hollingsworth 168b; Michael Walker 190; David Smead 105t; Esther Morgan-Ellis 147; Clarke Williams 170; Maddy Mullany 114; Cindy Tanner 19; Cassie Allen 307; Robert Kelley 195; John Hollingsworth 486t; Lisa Bennett and Cassie Allen 14; Eli Snyder and Oscar McGuire 546t; Jane Cannon 281t.

After announcements, Jane Cannon, Eli Snyder and David Smead led 231. John Plunkett offered the closing prayer.

Chair—Shannon Primm; Vice Chair—Jane Cannon; Secretary—David Smead; Arranging—Eli Snyder.

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