Newton County Christian Harmony Convention

Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church
Newton County, Mississippi

Saturday, June 26, 2021

All selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

Mark Davis welcomed the class and led
95, Canaan's Land
John Hollingsworth offered the morning prayer. Mark then led
67b, Dundee
21, Webster - Billy Hollingsworth
31t, Home
31b, Time - John Hollingsworth
47, Panting for Heaven, IMO Clarence Rigdon and Coy Ivey
193, Kay - Regina Derstine
41t, Mediation
190, Salutation - Chris Wilhelm, IMO Sharon Kellam
191, Oh! Turn, Sinner
134, Liberty - Judy Mincey, IMO Coy Ivey
459t, All-Saints, IMO Raymond Hamrick


Billy Hollingsworth led 131, Will You Meet Me?, to resume singing.
277, Sweet Affliction - Darlene Reynolds, IMO Pat Hollingsworth Toler
117, Angel Band, IMO Ina Hollingsworth Mozingo
54, My Trust - Regina Derstine and Todd Derstine
81t, Maitland, IMO Sharon Kellam
507b, Sicily - Chris Nicholson
546b, Oak Grove, IHO John Plunkett
155, Solemn Call - Arlon Gardner
153, Columbus
Billy Hollingsworth gave thanks for the noon meal.


133, Juniata - Mark Davis
30b, Dennis
264, Harwell - Billy Hollingsworth
168b, Sunrise, for Elizabeth and John Vanhorn
548, Macedonia - John Hollingsworth
250t, Realms of the Blest
316, This Heavy Load - Arlon Gardner
355, Homeward Bound
354, Summer - Regina Derstine
19, The Day of Days
258, Thorny Desert - Chris Wilhelm, IMO Nancy Belle Farr
462t, Lotha
50, Cranbrook - Judy Mincey
547, Higher Ground, IMO John Newton Merritt
128t, Hester - Darlene Reynolds, IMO her mother, Sally Lois Hollingsworth Kelly
291, Warrenton
216t, O, Save - Arlon Gardner, requested by Bobby Caldwell
86b, Hicks' Farewell - Todd Derstine and Regina Derstine
172, The Grand Highway
171, Sessions - Chris Nicholson and Charity Vaughn
82t, Lady, Touch Thy Harp Again

Mark Davis led the class in remembering some of the singers who have died over the past two years: Gordon Cotton, Lydia Hamby, Ina Hollingsworth Mazingo, Pat Hollingsworth Toler, Roy Davis, all of MS; Frank deBolt, Richard deLong, Harry Eskew and David Grant of GA; Floyd Nicholson, Jr.—TX, Bill Windom and Coy Ivey—AL, Bill Beverly—MI, Nancy Belle Farr—TN; Don and Charlotte Walker—VA.

369, Easter Anthem - Billy Hollingsworth
549b, The Drone

Mark Davis dismissed the class with prayer.

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm

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