A Special Pioneer Day Sacred Harp Singing (Greenville)

The Church of Greenville
Simpsonville, Greenville County, South Carolina

Saturday, September 12, 2020

(All selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition. Singers often led two songs at a time.)

The Greenville-Pioneer Day singing was cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns. However, our family met to sing while observing social distancing and face coverings as desired by state authorities.

Frances Carnell called the class to order leading Frances Carnell 479. Stephen Eastland, Sr. offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Frances Carnell 84; Leon Carnell 168, 163b; Stephen Eastland 58, 59; Jesse Roberts 171, 178; Frances Carnell 143, 183; Noah Crosby 40, 45t; Lydia Crosby 117, 77t; Heather Crosby 32t, 198; Esther Bennett 63, 178; Matthew Bennett 133, 39.


Frances Carnell called the class back to order by leading Frances Carnell 270. Leaders: Leon Carnell 107; Chris Carnell 278, 48b; Miriam Carnell 45t; Jesse Roberts 48t, 49b; Gloria Carnell 354b; Noah Crosby 569b, 72b; Miriam Carnell 68b; Frances Carnell 81t; Eric Carnell 569t, 150.


Frances Carnell called the class back to order by leading Frances Carnell 350. The class conducted a business session during which the current officers were reelected. Leaders: Lydia Crosby 144, 312b; Heather Crosby 277, 446; Megan Carnell 171, 146; Molly Carnell 478, 189; Esther Carnell 546; Charity Carnell 183; Esther Carnell 107; Charity Carnell 122; Grace Carnell 445; Lydia Crosby 127; Jonathan Carnell 268, 547; Chris Carnell 78; Jesse Roberts 467; Molly Carnell 163b; Charity Carnell 277; Gloria Carnell 198; Miriam Carnell 114; Megan Carnell 128; Eric Carnell 112; Grace Carnell 159; Esther Carnell 192; Heather Crosby 454.

Following announcements, Frances Carnell led Frances Carnell 267, as the closing song, and Jonathan Carnell offered the closing prayer.

Chairman pro tem—Frances Carnell; Secretary pro tem—Leon Carnell.

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