13th Annual Old Fields Singing

St. John's Episcopal Church
Johnson City, Washington County, Tennessee
Saturday, 2 November 2019

Selections from The Christian Harmony (2015 Folk Heritage edition) and The Christian Harmony (2010 edition)

It was a beautiful, cold, sunny day, and there was a good crowd. Upwards of 35 people passed through during the day.

The first morning session was from the Folk Heritage edition.

169t, All Saints, followed by the Opening Prayer - Don Wiley
77b, Cambridge - Julianne Wiley
193b, Lisle - Mary Baumeister
145b, Consolation - Chris Wilhelm
133, Juniata - Jeff Farr
159t, The Saint's Delight - Willie Israel
208b, French Broad - Dan Huger

Second morning session: 2010 edition.

124, Pilgrim's Triumph - Claudia Dean
143, Farther Along - Jack Kaufman
43, The Heavenly Throng - Leslie Booher
546b, Oak Grove - Mary Grace Walrath and RhodyJane Meadows
299, Green Meadows - RhodyJane Meadows

Third morning session: Folk Heritage edition.

129t, Coronation - Don Wiley
261t, The Good Shepherd - Julianne Wiley
192b, Quito - Mary Baumeister
117, Angel Band - Hannah Roper and Kalia Yeagle
319, Weary Pilgrim - Chris Wilhelm
52, Newburg - Dan Huger
198, Creation - Willie Israel
171t, Sessions - Emily Dingler and Kalia Yeagle

Fourth morning session: 2010 edition.

142, The Solid Rock - Jack Kaufman
507, Union - Leslie Booher
339, Samanthra - Mary Grace Walrath and RhodyJane Meadows
346, Star in the East - RhodyJane Meadows and Ellie Hjemmet
87, The Promised Land - Harry Morgan and RhodyJane Meadows

We sang 67b (Folk Heritage edition), Dundee, led by Don Wiley, for the Noonday Blessing
LUNCH, and a plenteous spread it was

120b, Spartanburg (Folk Heritage edition) - Don Wiley, prayers for Diane Eskenasy and IMO Sharon Kellam

First afternoon session: 2010 edition.

543, Chase High Road - Leslie Booher
175, O How I Love Jesus - Jack Kaufman
85, Mercy Seat - Jeff Farr
136, Sherburne - RhodyJane Meadows
256t, Pleading Savior - Chris Wilhelm
365, The Indian's Petition - Claudia Dean
91, There Is a Fountain - Harry Morgan and RhodyJane Meadows
36t, Lovely Vine - Dan Huger

Second afternoon session: Folk Heritage edition.

212b, Hingham - Mary Baumeister
369, Easter Anthem - Don Wiley
55, Idumea - Emily Dingler and Kalia Yeagle
36b, Albion - Hannah Roper
367, David's Lamentation - Willie Israel
245t, Bozrah - Julianne Wiley

Third afternoon session: 2010 edition.

544, Life's Troubles - Leslie Booher
470, Duke Street - Jack Kaufman
137, Antioch - RhodyJane Meadows
134, Liberty - Dan Huger
93, Something New - Chris Wilhelm
206, Prayer Meeting - Harry Morgan and RhodyJane Meadows
24t, Volusia - Claudia Dean


We thank St. John's Episcopal Church for their kindness to us through the year.

111b, Judkins - Don Wiley
Closing Prayer by Willie Israel

Jeanie Walker, pitcher
Chris Wilhelm, arranger
Leslie Booher, secretary

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