22nd Annual South Carolina Singing in Memory of William Walker

Second Presbyterian Church, Spartanburg, SC
Saturday, 19 March 2016

Robert Kelley gave a brief introduction to shape notes, both seven shape and four shape systems.
Frances Carnell opened the singing with
59, Holy Manna, from The Sacred Harp
John Plunkett gave the opening prayer.

The first morning session was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.

34b, St. Thomas - Frances Carnell
63, Coronation - Dave Farmer
31b, Webster - Chris Wilhelm
87, Sweet Canaan - Mary Baumeister
155, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
410b, Mutual Love - Jonathan Wood
47t, Primrose - Jane Cannon
65, Sweet Prospect - Tom Ivey
122, All Is Well - Eddie Mash
275b, Roll On - Claudia Dean
40, Lenox - Harry Eskew
48b, Kedron - Jonathan Gaylord
31t, Ninety-Third Psalm - Rob Kelley
128, The Promised Land - John Plunkett
32b, Distress - Jacob Linder
171, Exhortation - Eric Carnell
81t, Beach Spring - Rob Kelley (by request)
47b, Idumea - Leon Carnell
318, Present Joys - Frances Carnell


The second morning session was from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition.

9b, Cords of Love - Frances Carnell
107, Resignation - Dave Farmer
386, Spartanburg - Chris Wilhelm
465t, Breaker - Mary Baumeister (with Amanda Wiles)
109, Not Made With Hands - Adam Lockaway
126, Ocean - Diane Eskenasy
336t, Sweet Harmony - Jonathan Wood
316, This Heavy Load - Jane Cannon
339, Samanthra - Tom Ivey
186, Lord, Remember Me - Eddie Mash
509t, Break of Day - Claudia Dean
67b, Dundee - Jonathan Gaylord
472b, Cleaveland - Rob Kelley
250t, Realms of the Blest - John Plunkett
59t, Mear - Jacob Linder
165, Babylon is Fallen - Leon Carnell
171b, Sessions - Frances Carnell

Break for Lunch

The first afternoon session was from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.

370, Monroe - Frances Carnell
213t, The Good Old Way - Chris Wilhelm
330t, Horton - Mary Baumeister
168, Cowper - Dave Farmer
181, Exit - Diane Eskenasy
207, Louisiana - Jonathan Wood
548, Wootten - Jane Cannon
507, Sermon on the Mount - Tom Ivey
192, Schenectady - Eddie Mash
105, Jewett - Claudia Dean
38b, Windham - Jonathan Gaylord
151, Symphony - Rob Kelley
325, Soldier of the Cross - John Plunkett
268, David's Lamentation - Leon Carnell
178, Africa - Jacob Linder
365, Southwell - Frances Carnell

Business Meeting: We agreed to keep the same officers for 2017: Frances Carnell, Chairman; Dave Farmer, Vice-Chairman; Bobbi Albert, Treasurer; Mary Baumeister, Secretary. We will wait to buy more Christian Harmony books until the reprinting. We needed more Sacred Harp loaner books.


The second afternoon session was from The Christian Harmony 2010 edition.

105b, Hamburg - Dave Farmer
16, The Finest Flower - Chris Wilhelm
212, Christian Prospect - Mary Baumeister
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
252, The Sufferings of Christ - Jonathan Wood
209, The Lord's Supper - Jane Cannon
372, I Won't Turn Back - Tom Ivey
369, Easter Anthem - Eddie Mash
262, Collins - Claudia Dean
24t, Volusia - Jonathan Gaylord
285, Farewell Brother - Rob Kelley
515, Olive Shade - John Plunkett


Frances Carnell led 347, Christian's Farewell, from The Sacred Harp as the closing song.
John Plunkett gave the closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

We are grateful to Second Presbyterian for letting us use this space.

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