The 7th Annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention

Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church
Tallapoosa, Haralson County, Georgia

Saturday, December 3, 2016 and Sunday, December 4, 2016

The seventh annual Georgia State Christian Harmony Convention was held at Shiloh Primitive Baptist on the first Sunday and the Saturday before in December. All songs from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, unless otherwise noted.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The class was called to order by John Plunkett leading 67t. Bill Hollingsworth offered prayer.

Leaders: John Plunkett 359; Chris Wilhelm 319, 61t; Michael Spencer 310t, 493b; Hayden Arp 4, 316; Leslie Booher 542, 54; Bill Hollingsworth 90, 26t.


Mike Spencer reconvened the class with 163t.

Leaders: Jesse P. Karlsberg 544, 74; Shannon Primm 36t, 15; David Smead 237, 346; Rob Dunn 117, 109; Cindy Tanner 322, 168b; Henry Johnson 27t, 80; Ann Jett 149, 170; Henry Schuman and Linda Hellerich 189, 372; Danny Creel 43, 354; Mary Ellen Schrock 179, 51; Lisa Bennett 515, 462t; Ken Tate 534, 490.

Danny Creel offered a grace before the bountiful meal.

The class was called back by John Plunkett leading 510t.

Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 195; Hayden Arp 172; Leslie Booher 436b; Nathan Rees 1, 50; Jane Cannon 312; Rob Dunn 226t; Lauren Bock and Ken Tate 176; David Smead 332; Mary Ellen Schrock 180; Jesse P. Karlsberg 182; Ann Jett 338b; Jared Mooney 64; Cindy Tanner 85; Bill Hollingsworth 318; Henry Schuman and Linda Hellerich 42; Lisa Bennett 16; Robert Kelley 448t; Ken Tate 67b; Shannon Primm 339; Michael Spencer 410b; Henry Johnson 5t; Daniel Williams 152, 216t; Michael Walker 26b. John Plunkett and Mike Spencer led 111b as a parting song.
Michael Walker closed the day with prayer.

Chairman-John Plunkett; Vice-Chairman—Mike Spencer; Chris Wilhelm—Secretary (for Judy Mincey).

Sunday, December 4, 2016

John Plunkett reconvened the convention with 356.
Nathan Rees offered a prayer. John welcomed the group back and led 527.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 404b, 397b; Chris Wilhelm 365, 329; Jane Cannon 465t, 71; Nathan Rees 231, 492; Shannon Primm 103, 404; Jesse P. Karlsberg 365, 143 (by request); Henry Johnson 326, 281t; Mary Ellen Schrock 432b, 284 (in honor of Mako Cook); Henry Schuman and Linda Hellerich 133, 85; John Plunkett led the class in 294 (SH), at the request of Mildred Patterson.


Mike Spencer called the class back leading 235.

Leaders: Robert Kelley 497b, 449; John Hollingsworth 130t, 136; Lauren Bock 198, 3.

A short business meeting was held.
John Hollingsworth moved to keep the same officers. The motion was seconded and passed. John Plunkett—Chairman; Mike Spencer—Vice-Chairman; Judy Mincey—Secretary.

The memorial lesson was offered by Lauren Bock and Leslie Booher. Leslie spoke of the power of prayer and of the bonds that join this community. On the sick and shut in list were Cassie Allen, AL; Karen Matthews, FL; Gillian Inksetter, Canada; Betty Allgood, GA. The class sang 359.
The deceased list was: Elsie Moon, AL; Garland McCarn, AL; Gary Smith, AL; Matthew Beasley, AL; Walter Hartley, NC; B. M. Smith, GA; Earlis McGraw, GA; and Ruth Steggles, UK. The class sang 393b in their memory. Henry Johnson closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 428, 369; Judy Mincey 564, 547; Michael Walker 538, 350.

Bill Hollingsworth offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the lunch provided.

The class was called back to the afternoon session by John Plunkett leading 282.

Leaders: Michael Spencer 495; Jane Cannon 123; Nathan Rees 364; Shannon Primm 203; Jesse P. Karlsberg 289; Henry Johnson 274; Mary Ellen Schrock 355; Henry Schuman 184; Robert Kelley 508; Bill Hollingsworth 436t; Judy Mincey 50, 51; Michael Walker 519, 419t.

The class held a final business session.
Michael Walker offered a list of resolutions. Shannon Primm made a report on the treasury. The locating committee reported that the 2017 Convention will return to Shiloh pending approval by the church.

After the announcement of upcoming singings, John Plunkett led 290 and the class took the parting hand.
John Hollingsworth offered a benediction.

John Plunkett—Chairman; Michael Spencer—Vice-Chairman; Judy Mincey—Secretary.

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