The 10th Annual Camp DoReMi—2016

Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Thursday, August 11, 2016 to Sunday, August 14, 2016

The 10th Annual session of Camp DoReMi was held at Wildacres Retreat in Little Switzerland, NC, from August 11th through August 14th. Books used during the singing school were The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition, and New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. Additional singings offered to campers were from The Primitive Hymns: Spiritual Songs and Sacred Poems (Lloyd's), Primitive Baptist Hymn and Tune Book (Daily), and The Georgian Harmony, 2nd ed., 2012.

Officers for the camp were Jane Spencer—Director; Jonathon Smith—Assistant Director; Chris Wilhelm—Librarian.

Instructors were Alison Brown (London, UK); Kevin Barrans (Seattle, WA); Thom Fahrbach (Portland, OR); Billy Hollingsworth (Ila, GA); Erin Johnson-Williams (London, UK); Robert Kelley (Greenwood, SC); John Plunkett (Tucker, GA); Jonathon Smith (Champaign, IL); Ian Quinn (New Haven, CT); and Michael Walker (London, UK).

Thursday, August 11th

Camp opened with Jane Spencer welcoming all those in attendance. Fifty-six campers registered, with participants from 12 states enrolled. The UK, Australia, Canada and Germany were also represented. Instructors gave a brief synopsis of the classes that were offered. Dave & Sherry Lovett, Resident Managers at Wildacres, welcomed everyone and gave a history of Wild Acres Retreat. After dinner, singing was held from The Christian Harmony and the New Harp of Columbia.

Thursday night singing

Officers were appointed for the evening:
Jonathon Smith—Chair; Jane Spencer—Arranging; Chris Wilhelm—Secretary.

Christian Harmony session:
61t, North Carolina - Jonathon Smith
Prayer - John Plunkett
208b, French Broad - Chris Wilhelm
510b, Invitation - Jane Cannon
13, Traveler's Hope - Mike Richards
424, Nightingale - Mary Baumeister
547, Higher Ground - Thom Fahrbach
262, Collins - Carol Huang
546b, Oak Grove - Leslie Booher
180, The Sinless Summerland - David Wilson
411, The Trumpeters - Ed Johnson-Williams
282, Friendship - Alison Brown
318, The Martial Trumpet - Jeff Begley
65, The Golden Hill - Laura Hodges
201, Mission - Calum Woods
308, The Happy Time - Eli Snyder
247, Oh! How Charming - Erin Johnson-Williams
253, Is It Far? - Cornelia Stanton
544, Life's Troubles - Eva Striebeck
326, Royal Proclamation - Michael Walker
310t, Our Journey Home - Michael Spencer
166, What Can I Do? - Gwen Gethner


New Harp of Columbia session:
Singing resumed with lessons from The New Harp of Columbia:
65, Texas - Jonathon Smith
94, Devizes - Judy Mincey
A126, Tranquillity - Claudia Dean
107, Holy Manna - Eric Conrad
74, Never Part Again - Robin Goddard
33t, Ebenezer - Robert Kelley
106, Overton - John Plunkett
156, Cuba - Ian Quinn
39b, St. Martin's - Kathleen Mavournin
A125, Cumberland - Kevin Beirne

The final lessons were from The Christian Harmony, 2010 Ed.
63b, Pardoning Love - Edmund Richardson
327, The Christian's Hope - Angharad Davis
168b, Sunrise - Jon Giles
19, The Day of Days - Bill Hollingsworth
76b, Night - Michael Walker
Closing Prayer - John Plunkett.

Chairman—Jonathon Smith; Secretary—Chris Wilhelm.

Friday, August 12th

The day began with a singing from Daily's Primitive Baptist Hymn Book facilitated by Thom Fahrbach. Selections used during the class were: 41, 53, 170, 119, 54, 324, 263, 187, 440, 253 and 255.

Classes offered during the morning were:
Rudiments I (Michael Walker),
Improving Sight Reading and Challenging Songs (Erin Johnson-Williams),
Song Book Repair (Alison Brown).
Following lunch the following classes were offered:
The Musical Million (John Plunkett),
Dynamics in Singing (Robert Kelley),
Primitive Baptist Hymns in 7 Shapes (Michael Walker),
Leading a Song (Jonathon Smith),
The Minor Songs (Billy Hollingsworth), and
The Compositions of O.A. Parris (Ian Quinn).

Friday night singing

The evening singing started with The Christian Harmony followed by The New Harp of Columbia . Officers were appointed for the evening - Erin Johnson-Williams—Chair; Michael Walker—Arranging; Ed Johnson-Williams—Secretary; and Calum Woods—Chaplain.

Christian Harmony session:
Erin Johnson-Hill opened the singing with 105t, Tender Care.
Song leaders and their songs:
380, Christian Song - Jonathan Wood
535, Trial's Hour - John Plunkett
409b, Newingham - Bill Hollingsworth
543, Chase High Road - Robert Kelley
362, Shining Light - Carol Huang
205, The Watchman's Call - Kevin Beirne
364, Redemption (Second) - Abigail Beavin
168b, Sunrise - Ian Quinn
120, Home in the Sky - Betsy Jeronen
111b, Judkins - Jon Giles
105b, Hamburg - Vicki Hayes
315, David's Victory - Edmund Richardson
39, A Precious Stone - Angharad Davis
172, The Grand Highway - Ed Johnson-Williams
51, Lonsdale - Judy Mincey
1, Weary Rest - Alison Brown
131, Will You Meet Me? - Gwen Gethner
50, Cranbrook - Eva Striebeck
91, There is a Fountain - Laura Hodges

New Harp of Columbia session:
Erin Johnson-Hill brought the class back to order with 26, Erin.
Song leaders and their songs:
68t, Paradise - Kathleen Mavournin
A69, Christmas - Jonathon Smith
20b, Hebron - Robin Goddard
A76, Persia - Michael Walker
A114, Tennessee - Claudia Dean
122, Summer - Eli Snyder
A86, Bower - Mary Baumeister
38, Bradley - Thom Fahrbach (for Bradley Knoke)
22t, Missionary Chant - Leslie Booher
30, Sion's Security - Calum Woods
35, Ninety-Fifth - David Wilson.

Christian Harmony session:
322, Among that Band - Cornelia Stanton
450b, Consolation - Eric Conrad
336t, Sweet Harmony - Mike Richards
367, David's Lamentation - Nick Gattis
329, Redeeming Grace - Jeff Begley
410b, Kambia - Michael Spencer
344, Morality - Will Peebles
63t, Condescension - Kevin Barrans
204t, What a Day - John Hollingsworth
129t (NHC), Dublin - Jonathan Wood
64, Youthful Blessings - Alison Brown
272, Felicity - Nick Gattis
228, Pass Me Not - Abigail Beavin
432b, Fish Pond - Will Peebles.

Minutes by Ed Johnson-Williams

Saturday, August 13th began with a singing from Lloyd's Primitive Hymns facilitated by Kevin Barrans.

Classes offered during the morning were:
Rudiments II (Ian Quinn),
Improving Sight Reading and Challenging Songs (Erin Johnson-Williams),
Song Book Repair (Alison Brown).
Following lunch the following classes were offered:
The Musical Million (John Plunkett),
Effective Pairing of Tunes and Text (Robert Kelley),
Primitive Baptist Hymns in 7 Shapes (Michael Walker),
Leading a Song (Jonathon Smith),
The Minor Songs (Billy Hollingsworth), and
The Compositions of O.A. Parris (Ian Quinn).

Saturday night singing

Officers were appointed for the evening: Jane Cannon—Chair; Eli Snyder—Arranging; Kevin Barrans—Secretary.

New Harp of Columbia session:

Jane Cannon opened the session with 81b. John Plunkett asked a blessing on the singing. Leaders and their songs: Jeff Begley 147b; Judy Mincey 121; Robert Kelley 32; Erin Johnson-Williams 208; Claudia Dean 105; David Wilson and David Libbey 53b; Kevin Barrans 90b; Thom Fahrbach 74a; Mary Baumeister 216; Kevin Beirne 211; Robin Goddard 74; Kathleen Mavournin 117; Chris Wilhelm 28b; Ian Quinn 127; Ed Johnson-Williams 150; John Plunkett 70; Eric Conrad 18; Jonathon Smith 148.


Christian Harmony session:
Jane Cannon brought the class back to order with 41t. Song leaders and their songs: Eli Snyder and Andrew Windham 267; Dorothy Lane 249; Ginny Faust 359; Laura Hodges 135; Angharad Davis 109; Alison Brown 417b; Bill Hollingsworth 369; Vicki Hayes 171; Jon Giles 170; Mike Richards 54; Pat Wilson 245; Gwen Gethner 258; Leslie Booher 507t; Calum Woods 81t; Betsy Jeronen 57; Carol Huang 161; John Hollingsworth 261b; Edmund Richardson 8; Michael Spencer 397b; Abigail Beavin 187; Michael Walker 455b; Jane Cannon 548. John Hollingsworth closed with prayer.

After the evening singing, there was an ice cream social followed by viewings of meteors and Brown Mountain Lights by the campfire. Some people stayed up very late.

Sunday Morning Singing, Georgian Harmony
Chairman—John Hollingsworth

John Hollingsworth opened the session with 227. Leaders and their songs: Bill Hollingsworth 233; Thom Fahrbach 95; Mary Baumeister 128 (for Ed Smith); Kevin Barrans 15; Judy Mincey 151; Abigail Beavin 12; Chris Wilhelm 51; Jon Giles 13; Michael Spencer 208; Ashley Bowen 22; Jeff Begley 46; Michael Walker 136; Erin Johnson-Williams 19; Eric Conrad 18; Eli Snyder 33; John Plunkett 118 (for the Hansons); Ed Johnson-Williams 94; Edmund Richardson 58; Robert Kelley 198; Angharad Davis 234; Vicki Hayes 153; Bill Hollingsworth 206; Kevin Barrans 203; Judy Mincey 25; Michael Spencer 43; Jon Giles 204; Abigail Beavin 2; Chris Wilhelm 141; Michael Walker 108; Erin Johnson-Williams 64; Eric Conrad 252; Ed Johnson-Williams 65; Jeff Begley 3; Robert Kelley 176; Angharad Davis 153; Vicki Hayes 253; Edmund Richardson 246; Mary Baumeister 90 (for Shannon Primm).

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