The 15th Annual Greene County New Harp of Columbia Singing

New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church
near Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee

Saturday, June 6, 2015

All selections from New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001. Song numbers beginning with 'A' are found in the Appendix.

Jeff Farr opened the singing with 107, Holy Manna;
he then welcomed the singers and gave the opening prayer.
82, Bealoth - Mary Baumeister
56b, Warrenton - Linda Krieger
A104, The Pilgrim's Lot - Claudia Dean
132, Lischer - Tina Becker
62t, Peterboro - Chris Wilhelm
A97b, Athens - Ann Strange
143, Wondrous Love - Virginia Douglas
53b, Dundee - William Simerly
152, Milford - Leslie Booher
144, Rowley - Bill White, with Tina Becker
113t, Sutton - Jeff Farr
63b, Azmon - Mary Baumeister
56t, Heavenly Armour - Linda Krieger
162, Merdin - Claudia Dean
68t, Paradise - Tina Becker
155, Exhortation - Chris Wilhelm


146, Edom - Ann Strange
25, Ninety-Third - William Simerly
39t, China - Leslie Booher
114t, Zion - Bill White
208, Ode on Science - Dan Huger
A59, New Durham - Jeff Farr
A86, Bower - Mary Baumeister
57, Protection - Linda Krieger
A82, Exultation - Claudia Dean

As Grace for lunch, we sang the Doxology, 11, Old Hundred.


110, North Salem
153, Sharon
A184d, Welcome
... followed by Dona Nobis Pacem (spontaneously)
206, Western Mount Pleasant
128b, Ortonville
184, Watchman! Tell Us of the Night
A53, Redeeming Love
A52, Evening Shade
35, Ninety-Fifth
30, Sion's Security


A154, Solitude in the Grove
121, Seaman
14, Mear
A36, Middlebrook
158, Montgomery
A162, David's Lamentation (requested by Virginia Douglas)
114b, Richmond
99, Morning Trumpet
154, Yarmouth
94, Devizes
12, Albion

Business Meeting:
Officers for 2016: Jeff Farr, Chairman; Linda Krieger, Vice-chairman; Mary Baumeister, Secretary; Don Wiley, Chaplain.

134, Indian's Farewell
Closing prayer - Dan Huger

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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