Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church
Tickanetley Community, near Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia

Sunday, August 24, 2014

There had been an hour of singing in the morning and then preaching, followed by a most excellent dinner-on-the-ground. The singing was called back to order at 1 pm.

Afternoon Selections (The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition):
32b, Zellville
55b, Idumea
27t, Morning Worship
88, Pisgah
59t, Mear
228, Pass Me Not
287, Indian Convert
249, Green Fields
143, Farther Along
261b, Alone
67b, Dundee
248, Twilight is Falling
369, Easter Anthem
67t, Peterboro
546b, Oak Grove
89, Northfield
131, Will You Meet Me?
204t, What a Day
372, I Won't Turn Back
274, Mother Tell Me of the Angels
84, Homeland
208b, French Broad
78b, New Britain
30b, Dennis
225t, Kenan
106, Sweet Rivers
117, Angel Band
140, Edom
135, Raymond (by the numbers, shapes, poetry)
42, Joy-Bells
16, The Finest Flower
82b, Gospel Waves
23b, Evening Hymn

Notes: Mary Baumeister

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