The 12th Calvary-Fletcher Singing

Calvary Episcopal Church
Fletcher, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, June 7, 2014

This singing uses The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint).

Dan Huger welcomed the singers and offered the opening prayer.
After a brief introduction to shapenote singing, he led
61t, North Carolina.
60t, Dunlaps Creek - Mary Baumeister
80t, Caddo - Don Wiley
33t, St. Thomas - Judy Mincey
309t, Singing School - Chris Wilhelm
77b, Cambridge - Julianne Wiley
77t, Rockingham (First) - Dan Huger (requested by Carolyn Ogburn)
51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
163t, Hollis - Kelly Garden
88, Pisgah - Dan Huger
72t, Jordan - Mary Baumeister
217, Jerusalem - Don Wiley
280t, Zion - Judy Mincey
280b, Waynsville - Chris Wilhelm


191b, Oh! Turn, Sinner - Julianne Wiley
245t, Bozrah - Jeff Farr
163b, Burroughs - Alexander Garden
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy (with all the verses we could remember)
367, David's Lamentation - Kelly Garden
291b, Warrenton - Dan Huger
84b, Ryland - Mary Baumeister
114, That Glorious Day - Don Wiley
133, Juniata - Judy Mincey
321t, Olive Shade - Chris Wilhelm (for those gone)
67b, Dundee - Julianne Wiley
Grace for lunch offered by Don Wiley.


121t, Prosperity - Jeff Farr
91, Let Me Rise - Alexander Garden
339, Samanthra - Diane Eskenasy
120t, The Lonesome Dove - Dan Huger
171t, Sessions - Kelly Garden
170b, Bohemia - Mary Baumeister (for "Cousin Dolly")
214, Hosanna - Don Wiley
49, Forever with the Lord - Judy Mincey
294, Carmarthen - Chris Wilhelm
132, Damascus - Julianne Wiley


48, Mount Helicon - Jeff Farr
93, Something New - Alexander Garden
103b, Fish Pond - Diane Eskenasy
135, Raymond - Bill White (by the shapes, by the numbers, by the poetry)
261t, The Good Shepherd - Dan Huger
337t, Sweet Harmony - Mary Baumeister (in memory of Sharon Kellam)
169t, All-Saints - Don Wiley (in honor of Raymond Hamrick's 99th birthday)
365, The Indian's Petition - Judy Mincey
256b, Break of Day - Chris Wilhelm
165b, Rockbridge - Julianne Wiley
56b, Sing to Me of Heaven - Jeff Farr
109, Shenley - Alexander Garden

200b, Parting Hand
Judy Mincey offered the closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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