Etowah Fall Singing
106th year

Etowah Baptist Church
Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Books used at this singing:
CHw: The Christian Harmony (Walker book, Carolina book)
NHC: The New Harp of Columbia
CH: The Christian Harmony (2010 edition)

Scott Swanton welcomed the singers.
Don Wiley gave the opening prayer.
Scott opened the singing with
CHw 21, Webster
CHw 129t, Coronation
CHw 72t, Jordan - Mary Baumeister
CHw 80t, Caddo - Don Wiley
CHw 145t, Milledgeville - Chris Wilhelm
CHw 128t, Ninety-Fifth - Chris Berg
CHw 147t, Fairfield - Jeff Farr
CHw 89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
CHw 117, Angel Band - Phil Perrin
CHw 281b, Palmetto - Claudia Dean
CHw 185b, Corinth - Dan Huger
CHw 77b, Cambridge - Julianne Wiley


CHw 76b, Night - Tina Becker
--- ---, Handout, There is a Habitation - Larry Beveridge (by request)
CHw 171t, Sessions - Leslie Booher
CHw 140, Edom - Ann Strange
NHC 42, Lenox - Scott Swanton
NHC 121, Seaman - Mary Baumeister (for Sharon Kellam)
CHw 156, Repentance - Don Wiley
NHC 63A, New Market - Chris Wilhelm
CH 225b, Martin - Chris Berg
NHC 180, Whitestown - Jeff Farr
CHw 51, Lonsdale - Diane Eskenasy
NHC 22A, Detroit - Phil Perrin

We sang the Doxology as Grace for Lunch

NHC 73t, Oh Sing to me of Heaven! - Claudia Dean
NHC 52A, Evening Shade - Dan Huger
CHw 191b, Oh! Turn Sinner - Julianne Wiley
CHw 337t, Sweet Harmony - Larry Beveridge
CH 544, Life's Troubles - Leslie Booher
CHw 258, Thorny Desert - Scott Swanton (by request)
CHw 354, Summer - Mary Baumeister
CHw 300, Desire - Don Wiley
CHw 134, Liberty - Chris Wilhelm
CH 507t, Union - Chris Berg
CHw 133, Juniata - Jeff Farr
CHw 339, Samanthra - Diane Eskenasy
CHw 289b, Happy Land - Phil Perrin (by request for Sharon Kellam)


CHw 39t, Olive Leaf - Claudia Dean
CHw 120t, The Lonesome Dove - Dan Huger
CHw 245t, Bozrah - Julianne Wiley
CHw 321t, Olive Shade - Larry Beveridge
CH 138, Rest in the Kingdom - Leslie Booher
CHw 369, Easter Anthem - Scott Swanton

Business Meeting
Decided - Books for the Etowah singings:
The Christian Harmony Carolina/Walker book is the Primary Book for this singing.
Other books: The New Harp of Columbia (if there are sufficient books),
The Christian Harmony (2010 edition).
Handouts should first be checked with the president of the singing.

Officers for the Spring 2014 (107th year!) are:
Scott Swanton, president;
Diane Eskenasy, vice president;
Tim Aldrich, treasurer;
Chris Wilhelm, hospitality;
Mary Baumeister, secretary.

NHC 74A, Davisson's Retirement - Mary Baumeister
NHC 87t, Hightower - Don Wiley
CHw 287, Indian Convert - Chris Wilhelm
CHw 121t, Prosperity - Jeff Farr
CHw 95b, Canaan's Land - by request

CHw 200, Parting Hand
Jeff Farr offered the closing prayer.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

We appreciate having again a singing home in Etowah. Thanks to Etowah Baptist Church. This is a friendly space. We hope to sing here in the spring 2014.

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