18th Annual South Carolina Singing in Memory of William Walker

Burwell Building, Wofford College, Spartanburg, SC
Saturday, 17 March 2012

The books used during the singing were The Sacred Harp (1991 Edition), The Christian Harmony (2010 Revision), and The Southern Harmony (1854 Edition).

Dr. Doyle Boggs of Wofford College welcomed the participants and Nathan Rees taught an introductory singing school covering four shapes and seven shapes.

The first session was from The Sacred Harp (SH).

Jonathon Smith brought the class to order leading 59 (SH). Nathan Rees offered prayer. Leaders: Jonathon Smith 81t (SH); Nathan Rees 83b (SH); Jane Spencer 33b (SH); John Plunkett 49b (SH); Leon Carnell 47b (SH); Mary Baumeister 47t (SH); Danny Arms 392 (SH); Judy Mincey 475 (SH); John Hollingsworth 415 (SH); Phil Perrin 73b (SH); Frances Carnell 32t (SH); Bill Burns 48b (SH); Danny Farmer 282 (SH); Gib Rogers 30t (SH); Robert Kelley 310 (SH); Billy Hollingsworth 365 (SH); Harry Eskew 40 (SH); Diane Eskenasy 155 (SH); Christine Peterson and John Eber 31t (SH).


The next session was from The Christian Harmony (CH).

Jonathon Smith brought the class back to order leading 131 (CH). Leaders: Dorothy Lane 235 (CH); Nathan Rees 354 (CH).

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman - Frances Carnell; Vice Chairman - Nathan Rees; Secretary - Judy Mincey; Arranging Committee - John Plunkett.

Leaders: Jane Spencer 327 (CH) (for Michael Walker); Frances Carnell 109 (CH) (for Miriam Carnell); Mary Baumeister 546b (CH); Bill Burns 249 (CH); Robert Kelley 67t (CH); Judy Mincey 280 (CH); John Hollingsworth 309 (CH); Danny Arms 214 (CH); Diane Eskenasy 51 (CH); Billy Hollingsworth 537 (CH); Leon Carnell 165 (CH); Gib Rogers 359 (CH); Phil Perrin 117 (CH); Jonathon Smith 334 (CH) (by request).


The next session was leader's choice (Southern Harmony - SoH).

Frances Carnell brought the class back to order leading 384 (SH). Leaders: Harry Eskew 51 (SoH) (with additional verses from 128); Cleve Callison 299 (SH); Ken George 307 (CH); Christine Peterson and John Eber 178 (SH); Dave Farmer 324 (SH); Dorothy Lane 503b (SH); John Plunkett 261t (CH); Jane Spencer 155 (CH); Mary Baumeister 63 (SoH); Billy Hollingsworth 209 (CH); Nathan Rees 76 (SoH); Judy Mincey 547 (CH); Phil Perrin 143 (CH); Robert Kelley 24t (SoH); Danny Arms 452 (SH) (for Vee Kemp); Jonathon Smith 64 (CH); Bill Burns 291 (CH); Gib Rogers 383 (CH); Cleve Callison 236 (SH); Christine Peterson and John Eber 146 (SH); Danny Farmer 541 (CH); John Plunkett 386 (CH).

Frances Carnell led 56 (SH) as the closing song and John Plunkett dismissed the class with prayer.

After the singing, several singers met at the grave site of William Walker, A.S.H. to sing "New Britain".

Chairman -- Jonathon Smith; Vice Chairman - Nathan Rees; Secretary -- Jane Spencer.

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