Sixth Annual Grapevine Singing

Center Community Center, Petersburg Community
Grapevine, Madison County, North Carolina
Saturday, 3 March 2012

All selections from - The Christian Harmony (2010)

Don Wiley welcomed the singers, led in prayer and gave a brief review of Aiken shapes.

323, Holy Manna
500b, Inley--Don Wiley
191, Oh! Turn, Sinner--Jeff Farr
26b, Ninety-Third--Julianne Wiley
313, Bruce's Address--Dan Carter
106, Sweet Rivers--Mary Baumeister
214, Hosanna--Scott Swanton
194, O Happy Day--Leslie Booher
66t, Balerma--Larry Beveridge
87, The Promised Land--Chris Wilhelm

Following a break, Don brought the group back with 215, In That Morning.
369, Easter Anthem--Jeff Ledford
446, Damascus--Julianne Wiley
13, Traveler's Hope--Jeff Farr
55b, Idumea--Dan Carter
255, Watchman--Mary Baumeister, in memory of Ann Beveridge
135, Raymond (with the numbers)--Scott Swanton
393b, China--Leslie Booher, in memory of Ross Nida
543, Chase High Road--Larry Beveridge, by class request
163t, Hollis--Chris Wilhelm, thanksgiving for Alexander Garden's recovery
67b, Dundee--Don Wiley

Jeff Farr returned thanks for the lunch meal.

459t, All-Saints--Don Wiley
117, Angel Band--Jeff Ledford
64, Youthful Blessings--Jeff Farr
339, Samanthra--Julianne Wiley
359, Wondrous Love--Dan Carter
546b, Oak Grove--Mary Baumeister
157b, Hallelujah--Scott Swanton
294, Carmarthen--Leslie Booher
316, This Heavy Load--Larry Beveridge
349, Redemption--Chris Wilhelm
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old--Jeff Ledford & Mary Eagle
86t, Ortonville--Don Wiley
85, Mercy Seat--Jeff Farr
258, Thorny Desert--Julianne Wiley
77b, Cambridge (Walker Book, photocopies)--Mary Baumeister
367, David's Lamentation--Scott Swanton
295, Redeemer's Praise--Leslie Booher
89, Northfield--Larry Beveridge
432b, Fish Pond--Chris Wilhelm
289b, Happy Land--Wyatt Farr
187b, The Gospel Pool--Don Wiley
360, The Saints Bound for Heaven--Jeff Farr
208b, French Broad--Mary Baumeister

Following announcements for upcoming singings, Don Wiley led 200, Parting Hand, and Scott Swanton closed the singing with prayer.

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm

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