Etowah Autumn Singing
105th year

Cummings Memorial Methodist Church
Horseshoe, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Scott Swanton welcomed the singers and Jeff Farr offered the opening prayer.

The morning session selections were from The Christian Harmony (2010)

21b, Webster - Scott Swanton
129, Coronation
128b, Ninety-Fifth - Mary Baumeister
419t, Rockingham - Chris Wilhelm
436b, It Is I (for Leslie Booher and Ginny Faust)
208b, French Broad - Don Wiley
421b, Caddo
253, Is It Far - Diane Eskenasy
51, Lonsdale
546b, Oak Grove - Claudia Dean
349, Redemption
256t, Pleading Savior - Julianne Wiley
459t, All-Saints
100, Tennessee - Tina Becker
88, Pisgah
44b, Dunlap's Creek - Chris Berg
507t, Union


85, Mercy Seat - Jeff Farr
258, Thorny Desert
207t, Windham - Virginia Douglas
64, Youthful Blessings - Larry Beveridge
66t, Balerma
66b, The Penitent's Prayer - Ken George
432b, Fish Pond - Diane Eskenasy, Polly Eskenasy, Tim Aldrich
333, Night is Coming - Diane Eskenasy, Polly Eskenasy
217, Jerusalem - Scott Swanton
179, Traveling On
287, Indian Convert - Mary Baumeister (for Sharon Kellam)
67b, Dundee - Scott Swanton (as grace for lunch)


The afternoon session was leader's choice from The Christian Harmony or The New Harp of Columbia.

CH-323, Holy Manna - Don Wiley
CH-89, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
NHC-150, Egypt - Claudia Dean
NHC-127A, Jalinda
CH-509b, The Good Shepherd - Julianne Wiley
NHC-152, Milford - Tina Becker
NHC-206, Western Mount Pleasant - Jeff Farr
CH-255, Watchman - Larry Beveridge (by request, in memory of Miss Ann)
NHC-63A, New Market - Chris Wilhelm
CH-206, Prayer Meeting - Polly Eskenasy, Diane Eskenasy


NHC-68t, Paradise - Scott Swanton
NHC-147b, Mexico - Mary Baumeister
CH-216t, O, Save - Don Wiley
CH-131, Will You Meet Me? - Diane Eskenasy
CH-281b, Palmetto - Claudia Dean

Business Meeting:
For the Spring 2013 singing, we will again meet here at Cummings Memorial.
Scott Swanton resigned as president because he may be moving to Florida.
Don Wiley, president; Diane Eskenasy, vice-president; Tim Aldrich, treasurer; Mary Baumeister, secretary; Chris Wilhelm, hospitality.

CH-191, Oh! Turn Sinner - Julianne Wiley
CH-189, One By One - Tina Becker
CH-245, Bozrah - Jeff Farr
CH-316, This Heavy Load - Larry Beveridge
CH-548, Macedonia - Chris Wilhelm
CH-200, Parting Hand
Closing prayer: Ken George

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

Thanks to Cummings Memorial Methodist Church for making us welcome once again.

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