5th Annual Singing at The Old Fields

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area
Elizabethton, Carter County, Tennessee
Saturday, 5 November 2011

Lovely day out, 60º with sunshine. There were about 30 singers, some of whom haven't been our way in a long time, and we were glad to see them. It was a strong singing with a good spirit.

The first session was all from Christian Harmony 2010 (CH).

After leading 323, Holy Manna, Don Wiley opened with prayer.
Chad Bogart offered words of welcome.
21b, Webster - Don Wiley
61t, North Carolina - Julianne Wiley
171b, Sessions - Leslie Booher
493b, Day Star - Eddie Mash
215, In That Morning - Scott Swanton
85, Mercy Seat - Dan McCarter
360, Saints Bound for Heaven - Jeff Farr
44t, Morning Sun - Mary Baumeister
95, Canaan's Land - Chris Wilhelm
179, Traveling On - Judy Jones
393b, China - Alexander Garden


For the second session, all the songs were from New Harp of Columbia (NH).
143, Wondrous Love - David Sarten
53b, Dundee - Reba Clabo
154, Yarmouth - Don Wiley
41A, Sweet Rivers - Julianne Wiley
114, Zion - Leslie Booher
116, Miles Lane - Eddie Mash
117, Coronation - Scott Swanton
14, Mear - Dan McCarter
140, Hasten, Sinner, to Be Wise - Jeff Farr
121, Seaman - Mary Baumeister
104A, The Pilgrim's Lot - Chris Wilhelm
13, Reflection - Alexander Garden
22A, Detroit - David Sarten
42, Lenox - Don Wiley
11, Old Hundred - Julianne Wiley
Blessing - Eddie Mash


The afternoon sessions were Leader's Choice of books.
(CH) 459t, All Saints - Don Wiley
(NH) 184, Watchman - Leslie Booher
(CH) 546b, Oak Grove - Eddie Mash
(CH) 287, Indian Convert - Scott Swanton
(CH) 313, Bruce's Address - Dan McCarter
(CH) 316, This Heavy Load - Jeff Farr, in honor of our lunch
(CH1994) 77b, Cambridge - Mary Baumeister
(CH) 256t, Pleading Savior - Chris Wilhelm
(CH) 143, Farther Along - Judy Jones
(CH) 191, Oh, Turn, Sinner - Alexander Garden
(CH) 339, Samanthra - Rhodyjane Meadows
(NH) 125b, New Haven - Reba Clabo
In a brief business meeting, Don Wiley was elected Chairman; Leslie Booher, Secretary.


(CH) 214, Hosanna - Don Wiley
(CH) 269, Restoration, words 'Cradle Hymn' (Isaac Watts) - Julianne Wiley
(CH) 55, Idumea - Leslie Booher
(CH) 367, David's Lamentation - Kelly, Alexander, and Justifed Garden
(CH) 168b, Sunrise - Eddie Mash
(NH) 206, Western Mount Pleasant - Jeff Farr
(CH) 136, Sherburne - Mary Baumeister
(CH) 160, The Saint's Delight - Chris Wilhelm
(CH) 491, Nashville - Alexander Garden
(CH) 507, Union - Rhodyjane Meadows
(CH) 315, David's Victory - Kelly, Alexander, and Justified Garden
(CH) 117, Angel Band (words only) - Scott Swanton
(CH) 200, Parting Hand - Don Wiley
Closing prayer - Scott Swanton.

Minutes: Leslie Booher
(Cambridge and Restoration, from handouts)

We appreciate the park's continuing support of this singing and wish park manager Jennifer Bauer well on her recovery from an auto accident.

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