Fifth Annual Grapevine Singing

Center Community Center, Petersburg Community
Grapevine, Madison County, North Carolina
Saturday, 5 March 2011

All selections from - The Christian Harmony (Carolina book)

Don Wiley brought the group to order and led
381D, Holy Manna
Opening prayer was led by Don wiley
Leaders were then called:
169t, All Saints - Don Wiley
63b, Azmon - Mary Baumeister
169b, Devotion - Larry Beveridge
77t, Rockingham - Leslie Booher
174t, Prospect - Jeff Farr
157, Sweet Prospect - Jane Spencer
267, Louisiana - Dan Huger
77b, Cambridge - Chris Wilhelm
313, Bruce's Address - Dan McCarter
89b, Northfield - Scott Swanton
132, Damascus - Julianne Wiley
80t, Caddo - Don Wiley
215t, In That Morning - Mary Baumeister
221t, Pleyel's Hymn - Larry Beveridge
115b, It Is I - Leslie Booher
56b, Sing to Me of Heaven - Jeff Farr
41t, Mediation - Jane Spencer and guest
52, Newburg - Dan Huger
289b, Happy Land - Chris Wilhelm and Anna Swanton
67b, Dundee - Dan McCarter
204t, Prayer Meeting - Ken George
214, Hosanna - Scott Swanton
293, Lenox - Julianne Wiley

Lunch - Blessing: Dan Huger

170, Refuge - Don Wiley
Business Meeting in which Don Wiley was elected chairman for next year.
369, Easter Anthem - Don Wiley
248b, Union - Chris Berg
255t, Watchman - Larry Beveridge
51, Lonsdale - Leslie Booher
339, Samanthra - Jeff Farr
318, The Martial Trumpet - Jane Spencer
87, Hick's Farewell - Dan Huger
208b, French Broad - Christ Wilhelm and guest
207t, Windham - Dan McCarter
105b, Resignation - Ken George
133, Juniata - Julianne Wiley
70b, Brown - Don Wiley
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Chris Berg
185b, Corinth - Larry Beveridge
146b, Bangor - Leslie Booher
159t, The Saint's Delight - Jeff Farr
306, Middlebury - Dan Huger
307, True Happiness - Chris Wilhelm
160b, Hebron - Dan McCarter
328b, Pass Me Not - Ken George
26b, Ninety-Third - Julianne Wiley
117, Angel Band - Patti Monahan
76, Night - Don Wiley

200, Parting Hand - Don Wiley
Closing Prayer: Chris Wilhelm

There were approximately 24 singers and five visitors. Rainy day, but the spirit was excellent!

Minutes: Leslie Booher

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