Nan Herring (Furman) Singing

Nan Herring Pavilion, Furman University, Greenville, SC
Saturday, 7 May, 2011

The 14th annual singing at Furman University was held on Saturday before the second Sunday in May. Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition and The Christian Harmony, 2010 Edition.

Frances Carnell led 47t (SH) and welcomed the singers. John Plunkett led in prayer. Leaders: Frances Carnell 492 (SH); Dan Huger 312t (SH); John Plunkett 96 (SH); Leon Carnell 163b (SH); Eddie Mash 43 (SH); John Hollingsworth 230 (SH); Gib Rogers 397 (SH); Bill Burns 312b (SH); Michael Spencer 166b (SH); Ken George 178 (SH); Billy Hollingsworth 36t (SH); Dave Farmer 324 (SH); Nathan Rees 93 (SH); Steve Walker 107 (SH); Robert Kelley 41 (SH).

At a brief business meeting the following officers were reelected: Chairman--Frances Carnell; Vice Chairman--Dan Huger; Secretary--Mary Baumeister/Chris Wilhelm; Chaplain--John Plunkett.

Leaders: Dan Huger 341 (CH); Frances Carnell 171 (CH); John Plunkett 284 (CH); Chris Wilhelm 543 (CH); Leon Carnell 165 (CH); Eddie Mash 247 (CH); John Hollingsworth 82t (CH); Gib Rogers 129 (CH); Bill Burns 214 (CH); Michael Spencer 401b (CH); Ken George 274 (CH); Billy Hollingsworth 425 (CH); Dave Farmer 179 (CH); Nathan Rees 193 (CH); Steve Walker 167t (CH); Robert Kelley 263 (CH).
Leaders: Frances Carnell 66 (SH); Chris Wilhelm 73t (SH); John Plunkett 50t (SH); Leon Carnell 268 (SH); Eddie Mash 269 (SH); Dan Huger 36t (CH); John Hollingsworth 454 (CH); Gib Rogers 30t (SH); Billy Hollingsworth 25t (CH); Bill Burns 117 (CH); Michael Spencer 166 (CH); Ken George 24t (CH); Dave Farmer 288 (SH); Nathan Rees 92 (SH); Steve Walker 87 (CH); Frances Carnell 143 (SH); Chris Wilhelm 192 (CH); John Plunkett for John Merritt 547 (CH); Leon Carnell 503 (SH); Eddie Mash 304 (CH); Gib Rogers 228 (CH); Billy Hollingsworth 546t (CH); Bill Burns 541 (CH); Michael Spencer 191 (SH); Ken George 253 (CH); Dave Farmer 86 (SH); Steve Walker 486t (CH); David Libbey 432b (CH); John Plunkett, by request 546b (CH). Mrs. Jean Osteen, a founder and organizer of the Furman University singing, shared some of its history and personal memories. Frances Carnell led 347 (SH) as the final lesson and John Plunkett closed in prayer.

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm

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