Camp DoReMi
Wildacres Retreat Center
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

August 11-14, 2011

The Thursday evening singing at Camp DoReMi 2011 was brought to order by Judy Mincey.
Henry Johnson led in prayer.
Leaders: Judy Mincey 121b (CH); Ann Strange 42 (NHC); Eddie Mash 206 (NHC); Chris Wilhelm 51 (NHC); Bill Beverly 59b (CH); Sarah Beasley 139 (CH); Henry Schuman 133 (CH); Denise Kania 131 (CH); Chris Noren 85 (CH); Cornelia Stanton 128t (CH); Jim Pfau 189 (CH); Martha Beverly & Roberta McCrowell 16 (CH); Michael Walker 326 (CH); SuNell Ellis 77 (CH); Tina Becker 52A (NHC); Kathleen Mavournin 39b (NHC); Dorothy Lane 327 (CH); Robert Kelley 81t (NHC); Robin Goddard 74 (NHC); Sandy Scott 114A (NHC).
Leaders: Judy Mincey 68t (NHC); John Hollingsworth 548 (CH); Jeff Farr 185 (NHC); Claudia Dean 14 (CH); Jonathon Smith 90b (NHC); Mary Baumeister 67t (CH); Nathan Rees 5b (CH); Leslie Booher 393 (CH); Michael Spencer 493b (CH); Nancy Hogan 214 (CH); Bill Hogan 172 (CH); Sandra Wilkinson 142 (CH); Henry Johnson 105b (CH); Judy Mincey 222b (CH).
John Hollingsworth closed the singing with prayer.
Chairman--Judy Mincey; Arranging--Ann Strange; Secretaries--Chris Wilhelm & Leslie Booher

On Friday evening all lessons were from the New Harp of Columbia. Michael Spencer led 154 as the first lesson. Nathan Rees asked God's blessing on our singing, then led 134.
Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 113t; Leslie Booher 21A; Claudia Dean 105; Tina Becker 94; Robin Goddard 115; Kathleen Mavournin 144; Cornelia Stanton 20b; Steve Stone 52A; Robert Kelley 182 ; Dan McCarter 14; Martha Beverly 123; Michael Walker 127A; Jim Pfau 177; Chris Noren 109; Sarah Beasley 91; Ann Strange 98; Eddie Mash 184; Judy Mincey 65.
Eddie Mash 99; Sandy Scott 80b; Jeff Farr 180; Jonathon Smith 121; Mary Baumeister 154A; Bill Hogan 30; John Plunkett 78; Henry Johnson 125t; Nathan Rees 66; Chris Wilhelm 74A; Leslie Booher 116; Claudia Dean 20A; Tina Becker 38; Robin Goddard 144; Cornelia Stanton 16. Mike Spencer closed the singing with 13.
Chairman--Michael Spencer; Arranging--Claudia Dean; Secretaries--Leslie Booher & Chris Wilhelm

The Saturday afternoon Sacred Harp singing was opened by Jane Spencer leading 213t. John Plunkett led in prayer.
Leaders: Chris Wilhelm 548; Mike Spencer 166b; Dan McCarter 376; Martha Beverly 377; Leslie Booher 448t; Sandy Scott 361; Mary Baumeister 43; Cornelia Stanton 344; Sarah Beasley 340; Nancy Hogan 148; Jonathon Smith 186; SuNell Ellis 460; Chris & Karen Noren 410t; Denise Kania 203; Eddie Mash 176b; Bill Hogan 383; John Plunkett 391; Jim Pfau 474; Robert Kelley 213b; Henry Johnson 439; Michael Walker 227; Judy Mincey 538; Sandra Wilkinson 300; Annalise Perone 312b; Dorothy Lane 290; Bill Beverly 297; Claudia Dean 303b; Tina Becker 189; John Hollingsworth 82t. Jane Spencer closed with 267.
Chairman--Jane Spencer; Arranging Michael Spencer; Secretary--Chris Wilhelm

At a brief business meeting the following officers were elected for Camp DoReMi 2012: Jane Spencer--President; Eddie Mash--Vice President; Nancy Hogan--Secretary.

On Saturday evening Cornelia Stanton opened the Christian Harmony singing with 36b and Henry Johnson led in prayer.
Leaders: Robert Kelley 546b; Judy Mincey 258; Martha Beverly 123; Michael Spencer 493b; Dan McCarter 67b; Leslie Booher 188; John Hollingsworth 250t; Ann Strange 207t; Jeff Farr 354; Steve Stone 545; Nancy Hogan 149; SuNell Ellis 189; Sandra Wilkinson 325b; Cornelia Stanton 70b; Eddie Mash 168b; Jim Pfau 186; Sandie Scott 122; Annalise Perone 75b; Henry Schuman 42; Henry Johnson 274.
Cornelia Stanton and Robert Good brought the group back leading 185.
Leaders: Sarah Beasley 56b; Dorothy Lane 235; Jane Spencer 419t ; Bill Beverly 264; Bill Hogan 54; Claudia Dean 363; Tina Becker 507t; Chris Wilhelm 208b; Michael Walker 64; Denise Kania 248; Mary Baumeister 499b; Sharon Kellam 46t; Chris Noren 372; John Plunkett 133; Matt Hinton 171; Susan Pepper & Eddie Mash 200; Annalise Perone 225b; Jane Spencer, Eddie Mash, Chris Wilhelm, Nancy Hogan 432b. Cornelia Stanton led 222b as the final lesson and Robert Good closed the singing with prayer.
Chairman--Cornelia Stanton; Arranging--Susan Pepper; Secretaries--Leslie Booher & Chris Wilhelm

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