Camp DoReMi
Wildacres Retreat Center
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

Thursday evening, 12 August
Selections were from The Christian Harmony (Walker/Carolina book), Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris/Alabama book), and New Harp of Columbia)
The singers were brought to order by camp director Jane Spencer leading 26b (CH). John Plunkett led in prayer. Leaders: Judy Mincey 50 (CH), Tina Becker 198 (CH), Billy Hollingsworth 336 (CH), Ken George 204t (CH), Shannon Primm 307 (CH), Dot Lane 70b (CH), Michael Spencer 175t (CH), Julianne Wiley 61t (CH), Leslie Booher 115b (CH), Don Wiley 169b (CH), Bill Hogan 68t (NHC), Jonathon Smith 69a (NHC), Chris Wilhelm 154 (NHC), Nathan Rees 134 (NHC), Robert Kelley 88 (NHC), Mary Baumeister 125a (NHC), Ann Strange 98 (NHC).


Leaders: Virginia Douglas 35 (NHC), Peter Golden 43 (NHC), Michael Walker 124 (NHC), Jeff Farr 154a (NHC), Robin Goddard 74 (NHC), John Plunkett 137 (NHC), Cassie Allen 354t (CHa), Ian Quinn 64 (CHa), Tom Malone 138 (CHa), Sandie Scott 143 (CHa), Sandra Wilkinson 168t (CHa), Lance Phillips 214 (CHa), Eddie Mash 237 (CHa), Robert Varkony 117 (CHa), John Hollingsworth 51 (CHa), Nancy Hogan 189 (CHa), Jane Spencer 56b (CHa). Closing prayer: Nathan Rees.
Chairman--Jane Spencer; Secretary--Judy Mincey

Friday evening, August 13, 2010
Selections were from The Christian Harmony (Walker/Carolina book), Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris/Alabama book), and New Harp of Columbia)
The singing was convened by Michael Walker leading 165b (CH). Eddie Mash led in prayer. Leaders: Jane Spencer 361 (CH), Ian Quinn 346 (CH), Mary Baumeister 80t (CH), Dan Huger 341 (CH), Julianne Wiley 132 (CH), Wyatt Farr 381-D (CH), Dot Lane 235 (CH), Robert Varkony 182t (CH), Judy Mincey 103b (CH), Billy Hollingsworth 77t (CH), Don Wiley 300 (CH), John Plunkett 139t (CH), Sandra Wilkinson 279 (CH), Peter Golden 258 (CH), Eddie Mash 189b (CH), Leslie Booher 21a (NHC), Shannon Primm 112 (NHC), Claudia Dean 127a (NHC), Jeff Farr 40 (NHC), Robin Goddard 115 (NHC), Henry Johnson 67t (NHC), Tina Becker 152 (NHC).


Leaders: Michael Walker 247 (CHa), Meredith Doster 86t (CHa), Nathan Rees and Rudiments I Class 171 (CHa), Cassie Allen 170 (CHa), Michael Spencer 246 (CHa), Ken George 316 (CHa), Robert Kelley 378 (CHa), Judy Caudle 264 (CHa), Jonathon Smith 209 (CHa), Tom Malone 182 (CHa), John Hollingsworth 250 (CHa), Bill Hogan 54 (CHa), Dan Huger 85b (CHa), Lance Phillips 130b (CHa), Tom Malone 180 (CHa). Judy Mincey closed with prayer.
Chairman--Michael Walker; Secretary--Leslie Booher

Saturday, August 14, 2010
Selections from The Sacred Harp
Eddie Mash opened the singing with 32t and John Plunkett led in prayer. Leaders: Shannon Primm 65, Nancy Hogan 274t, Peter Golden 47t, Claudia Dean 178, Robert Kelley 507, Mary Baumeister 102, Tom Malone 433, Robert Varkony 73b, Judy Caudle 500, Billy Hollingsworth 365, Rachel Rudi 214, Henry Johnson 398, Meredith Doster 384.


Leaders: Jane Spencer 142, Ian Quinn 112 (for Al McReedy), Cassie Allen 383, Bill Hogan 400 (for Japeth Jackson), Michael Spencer 386, Sandra Wilkinson 300, John Plunkett 182, Judy Mincey 475, Lance Phillips 206, Tina Becker 209, Jonathon Smith 411, Leslie Booher 448t, Michael Walker 306. Eddie Mash led 267 (for Larry Olszewski) and closed in prayer.
Chairman--Eddie Mash; Secretary--Shannon Primm

Saturday evening, August 14, 2010
Selections were from The Christian Harmony (Walker/Carolina book), Christian Harmony (Deason-Parris/Alabama book), and New Harp of Columbia)
Singing commenced with Henry Schuman leading 149 (CHa). Bill Hogan gave the opening prayer. Leaders: Judy Caudle 76b (CH), Claudia Dean 116t (CH), Henry Johnson 164b (CH), Dorothy Lane 249 (CH), Scott Swanton 60t (CH), Ian Quinn 207t (CH), Michael Spencer 322t (CH), Julianne Wiley 140 (CH), Robert Kelley 104 (CH), Leslie Booher 146b (CH), Don Wiley 217 (CH), Jane Spencer 248b (CH), Robert Varkony 291b (CH), Michael Walker 123t (CH), Rachel Rudi 150t (CH)


Leaders: Henry Schuman 142 (CHa), Virginia Douglas 115 (NHC), Jeff Farr 80b (NHC), Nathan Rees 29t (NHC), Alice Bejnar 114t (NHC), Tina Becker 158 (NHC), Judy Mincey 68t (NHC), Tom Malone 170 (NHC), Robin Goddard 14 (NHC), Eddie Mash 175 (NHC), Bill Hogan 133 (CHa), Meredith Doster 188t (CHa), Ken George 255 (CHa), Lance Phillips 184 (CHa), Nancy Hogan and Cassie Allen 41t (CHa), Peter Golden 189 (CHa), Billy Hollingsworth 380 (CHa), John Plunkett 282 (CHa), Mary Baumeister 130t (CHa), Shannon Primm 307 (CHa), John Hollingsworth 261b (CHa), Tom Malone and Robert Good 372. Bill Hogan: closing prayer.
Chairman--Henry Schuman; Secretary--Claudia Dean

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