Newton County Christian Harmony Convention

Macedonia Primitive Baptist Church
Newton County, Mississippi

Saturday, June 27, 2009

All selections from The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing), unless otherwise noted.

Mike McNeil called the class to order leading 323 and 278.
Leaders were called as follows:
Bobby Caldwell 95, 88, 281b
Mark Davis 155, 131
John Van Horn 264, 168b
Hugh Bill McGuire 64, 51
Harvey Dockery 272, 277
Bill Hollingsworth 146b, 81b
Arlon Gardner 372, 316
Michael Spencer 30b, 361
Dan Huger 208b, 82b.

Mike McNeil conducted a memorial lesson, leading 204t, in memory of all those who have gone before.


Mike McNeil resumed the class by leading 322.
Leaders were called as follows:
Dawson Dockery 214, 71
Tim Cook 38, 254b
John Hollingsworth 250, 157
Jane Spencer 133, 149
Chris Wilhelm 56t, 61t
Mako Cook 70b, 284.

Lunch hour.

Mike McNeil commenced the afternoon session by leading 135 and 172.
The following singers were then called to lead:
Jeff James 81t, 77
Bruce Hedrick 248, 117
John Merritt 41t, 261b
Natalie Davis 179, 289
Darlene Reynolds 291, 128t
Etna Jean Gray 128b, 156
Junie McNeil 43, 54
Ronnie Foley 78b
John Hollingsworth and Bill Hollingsworth 369
Arlon Gardner 151
Bill Hollingsworth “Macedonia” (self composition)
Harvey Dockery 290b
Michael Spencer 120
Dan Huger 185
Dawson Dockery 109
Jane Spencer 19
Chris Wilhelm 84
Tim Cook 111b
Natalie Davis 355
Jeff James 349
Mako Cook 168t
Mark Davis 258
Hugh Bill McGuire 367
John Van Horn 142
John Merritt and Bruce Hedrick 204b
Bruce Hedrick 85b.

Announcements were made. In closing, Mike McNeil led 206 and “The Drone”.

Respectfully submitted by Bobby Caldwell, Secretary.

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