The 9th Annual Greene County New Harp of Columbia Singing

New Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church
near Greeneville, Greene County, Tennessee

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The singing used New Harp of Columbia, Restored Edition, 2001.
Song numbers beginning with 'A' are found in the Appendix.
Leaders typically led two songs at a time.

Don Wiley led the opening song 107, Holy Manna, offered the Opening Prayer, and led 117, Coronation.
98, Liberty - Dan Huger
84, The Midnight Cry
59b, Arlington - Mary Baumeister
172, Urmund
40, Aurora - Jeff Farr
158, Montgomery
144, Rowley - Ann Strange
68t, Paradise - Leslie Booher
67t, Soda - Chris Wilhelm
38, Bradley
11, Old Hundred - Julianne Wiley
A52, Evening Shade
35, Ninety-Fifth - Gid Fryer


94, Devizes - Don Wiley
133t, To-Day (for John Plunkett)
199, Rose of Sharon - Dan Huger
56b, Warrenton - Ruth Kross
132, Lischer - Mary Baumeister
53b, Dundee (as Blessing for Dinner)


143, Wondrous Love - Dan McCarter
16, Greenfields
155, Exhortation - Jeff Farr
A20, Fairfield
180, Whitestown - Ann Strange
181b, Boylston
115, Northfield - Virginia Douglas
42, Lenox
A162, David's Lamentation - Leslie Booher
18, Windham
73t, Oh, Sing to Me of Heaven - Chris Wilhelm
114t, Zion
25, Ninety-Third - Julianne Wiley
85, Greenland - Gid Fryer
52t, Ballerma - Don Wiley
74, Never Part Again
111, Hamburg - Dan Huger
A168, Lena
57, Protection - Ruth Kross
169, Amsterdam - Mary Baumeister
99, Morning Trumpet - Dan McCarter
206, Western Mount Pleasant - Jeff Farr


95, Parting Hand

There were approximately twenty singers. The day was clear and mild. Some farmers were getting the first cutting of hay from their fields; we wondered whether they had gotten any at all last year, for the drought.

Minutes by Dan Huger

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