Nan Herring (Furman) Singing

Nan Herring Pavilion, Furman University, Greenville, SC
Saturday, 9 May, 2009

The twelfth annual singing at Furman University, using The Christian Harmony ("Carolina Book" (CH) and "Alabama Book" (AL)) and Sacred Harp (SH), was called to order by Chairman Frances Carnell leading
34b(SH), St. Thomas
Opening prayer: Mike Spencer
143(SH), Pleyel's Hymn (First) - Frances Carnell
181b(CH), Brush Creek - Dan Huger
248t(CH), Inley - Chris Wilhelm
80t(CH), Caddo - Mary Baumeister
81t(CH), Maitland - John Hollingsworth
133(AL), Juniata - Bill Hogan
80(AL), The Blind Girl - Robert Kelley
67b(CH), Dundee - Leslie Booher
208b(CH), French Broad - Harry Eskew
209b(CH), Olean - Mike Spencer
99(SH), Gospel Trumpet - Jason Hollis
174t(CH), Prospect - Bill Hollingsworth
149(AL), A Good Time Coming - Jane Spencer
264(AL), Harwell - Nancy Hogan

Business Meeting: Chair - Frances Carnell
Vice-Chair - Dan Huger
Secretary - Chris Wilhelm and Mary Baumeister


43(SH), Primrose Hill - Frances Carnell
51(SH), My Home (First) - Leon Carnell
35(SH), Saints Bound for Heaven - David Mitchum
482(SH), Mulberry Grove - Nathan Rees
299(SH), New Jerusalem - Faye Hollis
34t(SH), The Gospel Pool - Laura Akerman
528(SH), Showers of Blessings - Jonathon Smith
304(CH), Blue Vale of Naucoochee - Eddie Mash for John Plunkett
381-C(CH), Twilight is Falling - Ken George
419(SH), Melancholy Day - Frances Carnell
103b(CH), Fish Pond - Dan Huger
484(SH), Heavenly Union - Chris Wilhelm
539b(SH), Supplication - Mary Baumeister
182(SH), Newburgh - John Hollingsworth
214(CH), Hosanna - Bill Hogan
351(SH), Pittsford - Robert Kelley
115b(CH), It Is I - Leslie Booher
178(SH), Africa - Harry Eskew

Lunch Blessing - John Hollingsworth

Dr. Eskew spoke on the 200th Anniversary of William Walker, and led
45t(SH), Amazing Grace
145t(SH), Warrenton - Frances Carnell
215b(CH), Kay - Mike Spencer
186(SH), Sherburne - Jason Hollis
236(SH), Easter Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
122(SH), All is Well - Jane Spencer and David Libbey
448t(SH), Consecration - Nancy Hogan
268(SH), David's Lamentation - Leon Carnell
148(SH), Jefferson - David Mitchum
435b(SH), Sacred Rest - Nathan Rees
171(SH), Exhortation - Faye Hollis
63t(CH), Condescension - Laura Akerman
218(SH), Mount Pleasant - Jonathon Smith
64(AL), Youthful Blessings - Eddie Mash
255(AL), Watchman - Ken George


434(SH), Fillmore - Frances Carnell
129(CH), Coronation - Dan Huger
276(AL), Worlds Beyond the Sky - Chris Wilhelm
116b(CH), Floyd - Mary Baumeister
172(AL), The Grand Highway - Bill Hogan
219b(CH), Day Star - Robert Kelley
215t(CH), In That Morning - Leslie Booher
128(SH), The Promised Land - Harry Eskew
177t(CH), Uxbridge - Mike Spencer
111b(AL), Judkins - Bill Hollingsowrth
115(AL), Solemn Call - Jane Spencer
321(AL), Hear and Save - Nancy Hogan
47b(SH), Idumea - Leon Carnell


347(SH), Christian's Farewell - Frances Carnell
Closing prayer: Leon Carnell

The class saluted Mrs. Jean O. Gaston and Mr. John Gaston, for hosting us. Thanks also to Furman University for the use of this good singing space.

Minutes: Chris Wilhelm and Mary Baumeister

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