Etowah Spring Singing
102nd year

Etowah United Methodist Church
Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Three books were used: The Christian Harmony (Walker/Carolina book)
Christian Harmony (Deason Parris revision, Alabama book - AL)
and New Harp of Columbia (NHC).
The songs are from The Christian Harmony (Carolina book) unless noted.

Don Wiley gave the opening prayer.
Scott Swanton welcomed the singers and opened the singing with
21, Webster
89b, Northfield - Diane Eskenasy
31t, Home - Mary Baumeister
170b, Bohemia
171t, Sessions - Dan Huger
208b, French Broad
255b, Talmar - Don Wiley
170t, Refuge
337t, Sweet Harmony - Chris Wilhelm
185b, Corinth - Gary Poe
72t, Jordan


26b, Ninety Third - Julianne Wiley
254b, Sicily
117, Angel Band - Gary Poe's guest Mary Greene and Anna Swanton
51, Lonsdale - Scott Swanton
120t, Lonesome Dove
214, Hosanna - Diane Eskenasy
135, Raymond
41b, Ardor - Mary Baumeister
80t, Caddo
227t, Owen - Dan Huger
227b, Haws
215, In That Morning - Don Wiley
49, Forever With the Lord
Don Wiley offered the Grace


280t, Zion - Chris Wilhelm
281b, Palmetto
30 NHC, Sion's Security - Gary Poe
80b NHC, Shawmut
11 NHC, Old Hundred - Julianne Wiley
144 NHC, Rowley
354t, Summer - Scott Swanton
159t, The Saint's Delight
355, Homeward Bound - Diane Eskenasy
129t, Coronation
36b, Albion - Mary Baumeister
279, Oliphant (for Lucy Heyerman)
61t, North Carolina - Dan Huger
339, Samanthra

130b, Passing Away - Don Wiley
94 NHC, Devises
96 AL, Cords of Love - Chris Wilhelm
179 AL, Traveling On
103b, Fish Pond - Julianne Wiley
88, Pisgah
95b, Canaan's Land - Scott Swanton
116t, The Finest Flower (for John Plunkett)

200b, Parting Hand
The singing was closed with prayer.

Minutes: Anna Swanton and Mary Baumeister

Thanks to Etowah United Methodist Church for their hospitality.

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