Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church
Tickanetley Community, near Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia

Sunday, August 24, 2008

There had been an hour's worth of singing in the morning, and then an hour of preaching; followed by dinner-on-the-grounds. The singing was called back to order at 1 pm, by the chairman, Paul Mooney, Jr.

All selections from The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing).
Singers often led two songs at a time.

100, Tennessee - Paul Mooney, Jr.
330, Fulfillment - Jeremy Shipp
86b, Hicks' Farewell
235, Faithful Soldier - Jane Spencer
133, Juniata
224t, Kay - Nathan Rees
130b, Passing Away
(after singing the verses in Christian Harmony, by request the class sang the contrasting verses from 'The Good Old Songs', page 158).
117, Angel Band - Ginger Bearden
77, How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
80, The Blind Girl - Michael Thompson
35t, Lisbon - Polly Bearden
111t, Fleeting Days
88, Pisgah - Jonathon Smith
215, In That Morning
258, Thorny Desert - Dan Huger
131, Will You Meet Me?
52, Newburg - Richard DeLong
64, Youthful Blessings
287, Indian Convert - Mary Baumeister
130t, Sacred Love
255, Watchman (Second) - Chris Wilhelm
121t, Prosperity
59t, Mear - Martha Sullivan (with Jane Spencer)
143, Farther Along
135, Raymond - Ellen Ridehalgh
140, Edom
323, Holy Manna - Greg Walton
88, Pisgah
274, Mother Tell Me of the Angels - Cheryl Carter
27t, Morning Worship
204t, What a Day - Dorothy Weaver
In an extremely abbreviated business meeting, Paul Mooney, Jr. was acclaimed as leader for next year's singing.
157, Hallelujah

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