The 13th Annual Old St John's Singing

Old Saint John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Saturday, 13 December 2008

All songs "The Christian Harmony", W Walker (1873/1994 -- the "Carolina book"), except 1958 Deason-Parris revision (the "Alabama book (AL)", or otherwise, as noted

In lieu of Larry Beveridge who was recovering from dental surgery, Dot Lane welcomed the singers and opened the singing with
381D, Holy Manna
John Plunkett offered the opening prayer
128b, Hester - Eddie Mash
31t, Home - Mary Baumeister
359, Wondrous Love - Don Wiley, by request, for Diane Luboff
279, Oliphant - Chris Wilhelm
278, Lakeland - John Plunkett
21, Webster - Gary Poe
269t, Restoration (words from a handout) - Julianne Wiley
248b, Union - Alexander Garden
346, Star in the East - Sarah Jane Thomas
77b, Cambridge - Guy Bankes
58b, Primrose - Roger Keane
261b, Aberdeen - Tim Cook
165b, Rockbridge - Nathan Rees
291b, Warrenton - Charles Lowery
380, Christian Song - Sharon Primm for Robert Kelley
123, Rapturous Scene - Jane Spencer
342t, Blest Morn - Steve Walker
381A, Not made With Hands - Carl Blozan
handout, The Babe of Bethlehem - Ken George
136, Sherburne - Tina Becker
51, Lonsdale - Bill Hollingsworth
60b, China - Rachel Rudi
255t, Watchman - Becky Walker
198, Creation - Mako Cook
89b, Northfield - Laura Krueger
127, Ocean - Diane Eskenasy
Blessing - Dot Lane

Dot Lane brought back the singers with
235, Faithful Soldier
293, Lenox - Leslie Booher and Julianne Wiley
78, New Britain - Raya Cooper
146b, Bangor - Dan Huger
237, Remember Thy Creator - Eddie Mash
103, Fish Pond - Mary Baumeister, in memory of nephew Mike
214, Hosanna - Don Wiley
AL 9, Cords of Love - Chris Wilhelm (from a sample of the "new book")
305, Zion's Glory - John Plunkett
61t, North Carolina - Gary Poe
128t, Ninety-Fifth - Julianne Wiley
195, Garden - Alexander Garden
299, Green Meadows - Sarah Jane Thomas
87t, Zerah - Guy Bankes
67b, Dundee - Roger Keane
189t, Holden - Tim Cook
341, The Lone Pilgrim - Nathan Rees
137, Antioch - Charles and Leslie Lowery
264 Harwell, Shannon Primm
156, Repentance - Jane Spencer
347, Portuguese Hymn - Steve Walker
handout, Beautiful Star of Bethlehem - Ken George
339, Samanthra - Tina Becker
369, Easter Anthem - Bill Hollingsworth
94, Plenary - Rachel Rudi
105b, Resignation - Becky Walker
65t, Colchester - Mako Cook
55b, Idumea - Laura Krueger
140, Edom - Diane Eskenasy
117, Angel Band - Leslie Booher and Julianne Wiley
113, The Converted Thief - Raya Cooper
64t, The Penitent's Prayer - Dan Huger
200b, Parting Hand
Closing Prayer, Dan Huger

There were 55 singers present before lunch.
Thanks to the Rutherfordton Historical Society for the use of this excellent building.
The interior has been newly painted and is lovely.
The day was clear and chill.

Minutes: Mary Baumeister

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