Camp DoReMi
Wildacres Retreat Center
Little Switzerland, North Carolina

Thursday, 7 August - Saturday, 9 August 2008

On August 7 lessons for the evening singing were led from The Christian Harmony, 1994 reprint of Wm. Walker's 1873 ed.
Dan Huger opened with Union--248b.
John Plunkett was elected Chaplain for the evening and led in prayer.
Jane Spencer 67b--Dundee;
John Hollingsworth 189b--Retreat;
Chris Wilhelm 59t--Mear;
John Plunkett 69b--Henry;
Mildred Chandler 214--Hosanna;
Eddie Mash 57t--Weeping Saviour;
Bill Hogan 128t--Ninety-Fifth;
Don Wiley 129t--Coronation;
Mary Baumeister 71t--Edwards;
Michael Spencer 23b--Evening Hymn;
Jeff Farr 360--The Saints Bound for Heaven;
Tina Becker 293--Lenox;
Ken George 381A--Not Made With Hands;
Erin Mills 147t--Fairfield;
Nancy Hogan 70b--Brown;
Connie Stanton 46t--The Hill of Zion;
Robert Kelley 135--Raymond;
Dot Lane 171t--Sessions.
Claudia Dean 77t--Rockingham;
Julianne Wiley 339--Samanthra;
Dan Huger 321t--Olive Shade;
Jane Spencer 58b--Primrose;
John Hollingsworth 51--Lonsdale;
Chris Wilhelm 77b--Cambridge;
John Plunkett 282--Friendship;
Mildred Chandler 264--Harwell;
Eddie Mash 140--Edom;
Bill Hogan 336--Crucifixion;
Don Wiley 217--Jerusalem;
Mary Baumeister 170t--Refuge;
Michael Spencer 361--Solemn Thought.
John Plunkett closed in prayer.
Dan Huger--Chair; Chris Wilhelm--Secretary; Jane Spencer--Arranging

On August 8 lessons for the evening were from the New Harp of Columbia. Dan Huger opened with 52A--Evening Shade.
John Hollingsworth led in prayer.
Zoe Clay 162A--David's Lamentation;
Wyatt Farr 47--The Promised Land;
Cleo Farr, Wyatt Farr and Zoe Clay 99--Morning Trumpet;
Bob Richmond 30--Zion's Security;
Chris Wilhelm 13--Reflection;
Don Wiley 62t Peterboro;
Robin Goddard 14--Mear;
Mary Baumeister 145--Oliphant;
Jeff Farr 40--Aurora;
Tina Becker 144--Rowley.
Robert Kelley 18--Windham;
John Plunkett 133t--To-Day;
Claudia Dean 21A--Consolation;
Mildred Chandler 115--Northfield;
Bill Hogan 68--Paradise;
Erin Mills 163--New Topia;
Sharon Kellam 56b--Warrenton;
Robert Kelley 174--The Rivulet;
Sarah Jane Thomas 107--Holy Manna;
Nancy Hogan 39t--China;
Kathleen Mavournin 117--Coronation;
Eddie Mash 206--Western Mount Pleasant;
Ann Strange 61--Leander;
Tom Clay 143--Wondrous Love;
Julianne Wiley 23b--Duke Street;
Shannon Primm 19--Wells;
Michael Spencer 20t--Uxbridge;
Connie Stanton 80b--Shawmut;
Jane Spencer 177--Jordan's Shore;
Dan Huger 98--Liberty;
Bob Richmond 109--Bruce's Address (Spiritualized);
Don Wiley 74--Never Part Again.
John Hollingsworth closed the singing with prayer.
Dan Huger--Chair; Chris Wilhelm--Secretary; Jane Spencer--Arranging.

On the afternoon of August 9 the lessons were from the Sacred Harp, 1991 edition.
Zoe Clay opened with 445--Soar Away.
Tom Clay led in prayer.
Leaders: Robert Kelley 34t--The Gospel Pool;
Eddie Mash 168--Cowper;
Erin Mills 430--Arbacoochee;
Connie Stanton 171--Exhortation (First);
Bill Hogan 448t--Consecration;
Mary Baumeister 539b--Supplication;
Tom Clay 64--Nashville;
Nancy Hogan 503--Lloyd;
Dan Huger 66--Jordan (First);
Shannon Primm 540--Nidrah;
Ken George 569b--Sacred Throne;
Chris Wilhelm 178--Africa;
BC Condon and Robert Kelley 569t--Emmaus;
Alexander Garden 107--Russia.
Zoe Clay--Chair; Jane Spencer--Secretary & Arranging.

A brief business meeting was convened before the evening session with Camp Director Jane Spencer presiding. Following a motion by Robert Kelley, seconded by Eddie Mash, campers voted to hold the third season of Camp DoReMi at Wildacres Retreat in August 2009. Current officers were re-elected for the 2009 Camp: Jane Spencer--Director; Beth Semadeni--Assistant Director; Chris Wilhelm--Secretary.

Following the business meeting campers led lessons from Christian Harmony, 1959 Deason-Parris Revision.
Dan Huger opened with 208b--French Broad.
Bill Hogan led in prayer.
Zoe Clay 287--Indian Convert;
Chris Wilhelm 322--Among that Band;
Wyatt Farr 289b--Happy Land;
Cleo and Jeff Farr 67b--Dundee;
Mildred Chandler 369--Easter Anthem;
Bob Richmond 165--Babylon is Fallen;
Connie Stanton 298--My Shepherd Guides;
John Hollingsworth 168b--Sunrise;
Jonathon Smith 74--God's Helping Hand;
Sarah Jane Thomas 299--Green Meadows;
Michael Spencer 30b--Dennis;
Erin Mills 199--Vernon;
Bill Hogan 64--Youthful Blessings;
Jane Spencer 26b--Ninety-Third.
Robert Kelley 67t--Peterboro;
Julianne Wiley 160--The Saint's Delight;
Ken George 179--Traveling On;
J. Winston and Gayle Hollingsworth with John and Elsie Hollingsworth 117--Angel Band;
Alexander Garden 44b--Dunlap's Creek;
Nancy Hogan 214--Hosanna;
Tom and Zoe Clay 359--Wondrous Love;
Tina Becker 136--Sherburne;
Eddie Mash 52--Newburg;
Robin Goddard 128b--Ninety-Fifth;
Robert Kelley 192--The Penitent;
Dot Lane 235-- Faithful Soldier;
Don Wiley 316--This Heavy Load;
Shannon Primm 172--The Grand Highway.
After announcements Cleo, Jeff and Wyatt Farr and Cheryl Summers led 200b--Parting Hand.
Robert Varkony closed the evening with prayer.
Dan Huger--Chair; Chris Wilhelm/Dan Huger--Secretary; Jane Spencer--Arranging.

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