The 1st Annual Swannanoa Gathering Shape Note Singing

Warren Wilson College
Swannanoa, Buncombe County, North Carolina

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Books used: The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition
The Southern Harmony, 1854 facsimile, 1987 UofK reprint
The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1873 facsimile, 1994 reprint)

Singers sometimes led two songs at a time.

The first annual Swannanoa Gathering Singing was opened with words of welcome, and thanks to Warren Wilson College and Chapel by Ron Pen. Officers for the day were: Ron Pen—Chair, Jane Spencer—Co-Chair, Chris Wilhelm—Secretary, Dorothy Lane—Arranging.

Selections from The Sacred Harp (1991)

73b, Arlington - Ron Pen

Opening Prayer - Scott Swanton

155, Northfield
33b, Abbeville - Jane Spencer
32t, Corinth
31t, Ninety-Third Psalm - Gene Pinion
40, Lenox
499, At Rest - Mary Baumeister
539, Supplication
178, Africa - Larry Beveridge
523, Pleyel's Hymn (Second)
503, Lloyd - Michael Spencer
354t, Lebanon
66, Jordan (First) - Chris Wilhelm
480, Redemption
36b, Ninety-Fifth - Scott Swanton
569b, Sacred Throne
38b, Windham - Dan Huger
99, Gospel Trumpet
159, Wondrous Love - Carl Blozan
105, Jewett - June Jolley


Selections from The Southern Harmony (1854)

103, Holy Manna - Ron Pen
181t, Azmon - Gene Pinion
6t, Marysville - Mary Baumeister
63, Land of Pleasure
252, Wondrous Love - Ron Pen (by request)
Prayer - Scott Swanton

Dinner on the Grounds

22t, Old Hundred - Larry Beveridge
198, Never Part Again
308, The Young Convert - Michael Spencer
51, The Promised Land - Scott Swanton
78, The Babe of Bethlehem
89t, Dove of Peace - Dan Huger
92t, Fiducia
46, Evening Shade - Chris Wilhelm
260, Star of Columbia - Jane Spencer

Business meeting

In a brief business meeting led by Ron Pen, the class elected to continue the singing next year (date to coincide with Old Time Week of The Swannanoa Gathering). The following officers were elected to serve for the 2008 singing: Chair - Jane Spencer; Co-Chair - Ron Pen; Secretary - Chris Wilhelm. Money was collected for a donation to the Warren Wilson College Chapel, for publication of the minutes and to cover extra food expenses.

Selections from The Christian Harmony (‘Carolina book’, 1994 reprint)

217, Jerusalem - Jane Spencer
248b, Union - June Jolley
381A, Not Made with Hands - Gene Pinion
287, Indian Convert - Mary Baumeister
117, Angel Band - Anna Swanton
223t, Hendon - Robert Varkony
255t, Watchman - Larry Beveridge
103b, Fish Pond - Dan Huger
320, Urmund - Carl Blozan
23b, Evening Hymn - Michael Spencer
307, True Happiness - Chris Wilhelm
198, Creation - Tom Clay
130b, Passing Away - Don Wiley
245t, Bozrah - Julianne Wiley
381B, Babylon is Fallen - Ron Pen

Ron Pen expressed appreciation to all who had helped with the singing and led 267 (SH), Parting Friends (First).

Closing Prayer - Scott Swanton

There were 60 singers present from eight states and two foreign countries.

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