The 12th Annual Old St John's Singing

Old Saint John's Historic Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Saturday, 8 December 2007

All songs "The Christian Harmony", W Walker (1873/1994 -- the "Carolina book"), except 1958 Deason-Parris revision (the "Alabama book (AL)", or otherwise, as noted

Chair Larry Beveridge greeted the singers, and led
381D-Holy Manna
Opening prayer - Eddie Mash
111t-Minister's Farewell, Larry Beveridge
318-The Martial Trumpet, Jane Spencer
245t-Bozrah, June Jolley
250-Realms of the Blest, John Hollingsworth
255t-Watchman, Lee Rogers
136-Sherburne, Roger Keane
267-Louisiana, Mike Spencer
293-Lenox, Tina Becker
217-Jerusalem, Sarah Jane Thomas
58b-Primrose, Chris Berg
306-Middlebury, Sharon Kellam
128b-Hester, Don Wiley
378-Mount Hope, Robert Kelly

64t-The Penitent's Prayer, Mary Baumeister
127-Ocean, Diane Eskenasy
381A-Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
323b-Angels Singing, John Plunkett
198-Creation, Andy Morse
214-Hosanna, Jonathon Smith
Handout-"Beautiful Star of Bethlehem", Ken George
269t-Restoration, Jeff Farr
54b-Newingham, Chris Wilhelm
Blessing - Doxology (Old 100th), Larry Beveridge

26b-Ninety-Third, Jane Spencer
332-Babylonian Captivity, Eddie Mash
391b-Warrenton, Charles Lowery
58t-Liverpool, Nathan Rees
298b-Happy Land, Cleo Farr
235-Faithful Soldier, Dot Lane
178b-Duke Street, Julianne Wiley
258-Thorny Desert, Dan Huger
316(AL)-This Heavy Load, Larry Beveridge
87t-Zerah, Jane Spencer
346-Star in the East, June Jolley
280t-Zion, John Hollingsworth
264-Harwell, Lee Rogers
67b-Dundee, Roger Keane
23b-Evening Hymn, Mike Spencer

74b-Zanesville, Dan Huger
367-David's Lamentation, Tina Becker
299-Green Meadows, Sarah Jane Thomas
184(AL)-Where We'll Never Grow Old, Sharon Kellam
131(AL)-Will You Meet Me, Don Wiley
157b-Hallelujah, Robert Kelley
51-Lonsdale, Diane Eskenasy
359-Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
304-Blue Vale of Naucoochee, John Plunkett
156-Repentance, Andy Morse
361-Solemn Thought, Jonathon Smith
137-Antioch, Ken George
270-Lena, Jeff Farr
278-Lakeland, Chris Wilhelm
172(AL)-The Grand Highway, Jane Spencer
130b-Fish Pond, Eddie Mash
174t-Prospect, Nathan Rees
171t-Sessions, Dot Lane
254b-Sicily, Julianne Wiley
89t-Brightest Days, Dan Huger

Announcements: in particular - Camp DoReMi 2008 set for 7-10 August, Camp Wildacres, Little Switzerland, NC

200b-Parting Hand
Closing prayer, Don Wiley

There were more than 45 participants.
The weather was quite warm, clear in the morning, covered after noon.

A very kind thank-you to Rutherford County Historical Society, for the use the building, and to Dot Lane and Jane Spencer for the arrangements. A hat was passed for donations.

Minutes, Mary Baumeister

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