Tenth Annual Furman University Singing

Nan T Herring Pavilion, Daniel Music Building
Greenville, Greenville County, South Carolina
Saturday, May 12, 2007

All selections The Sacred Harp (1991), and The Christian Harmony (1873/1994) except where noted.
First morning session: Christian Harmony
Chairman Frances Carnell called the singing to order, leading
Opening prayer, John Plunkett.
58b-Primrose, Frances Carnell
103b-Fishpond, Dan Huger
81b-Whitney, Lee Rogers
268-Come Ye to the Waters, John Plunkett
36b-Albion, Robert Kelley
258-Thorny Desert
92-Promised Day, John Hollingsworth
93-Something New
147t-Fairfield, Caroline Parsons
Mrs Carnell called for a business session. She was reelected as chair, Dan Huger as vice-chair, Lee Rogers as Secretary, and John Plunkett as chaplain. Jane Spencer was appointed Arranging Committee.

Second morning session sung from Sacred Harp.
138b-Ogletree, Frances Carnell
354t-Lebanon, Mike Spencer
85-Morning Trumpet, Jane Spencer
99-Gospel Trumpet
319-Religion is a Fortune, Jonathon Smith
204-Mission, Nathan Reese
224-Save Lord or We Perish, Lela Crowder
110-Mt Vernon
284-Garden Hymn, Rachel Speer
542-I'll Seek His Blessings, Erin Mills
76b-Desire for Piety
67-Columbus, Mary Baumeister
107-Russia, Chris Wilhelm
312b-Restoration, Carl Blozan
159-Wondrous Love
Blessing, John Plunkett

It was agreed that afternoon session would be 'leader's choice'.
CH 208b-French Broad, Dan Huger
CH 261t-The Good Shepherd
CH 127-Ocean, Jane Spencer
CH 248b-Union
JLWhite 494-Don't Grieve Your Mother, John Plunkett
CH 209t-The Lord's Supper, Mary Baumeister
CH 170t-Refuge
CH 51-Lonsdale, John Hollingsworth
CH 309t-Singing School
CH 214-Hosanna, Janathon Smith
SH 236-Easter Anthem
SH 248-Fleeting Days, Lela Crowder
SH 42-Clamanda

SH 270-Confidence, Frances Carnell
SH 495-The Midnight Cry, Robert Kelley
SH 209-Evening Shade
SH 282-I'm Going Home, Caroline Parsons
SH 504-Wood Street
SH 29b-Tribulation, Mike Spencer
SH 86-Poland
SH 52t-Albion, Jim Goetz
SH 385b-Can I Leave You
CH 117-Angel Band, Rachel Speer
SH 430-Arbacoochee
SH 564-Zion, Erin Mills
SH 503-Lloyd
CH 381A-Not Made with Hands, Carl Blozan
CH 367-David's Lamentation
SH 281-Novakoski, Leon Carnell
SH 47b-Idumea

SH 62-Parting Hand, Frances Carnell
Closing Prayer, John Plunkett

It is still a great room to sing in. The day was dull, and it rained in the afternoon (hallelujah!).
There were about thirty-five singers just before dinner.
Thank you again to Jean and John Gaston, and Miss Jean's daughter, Vida Miller, for being such superlative hosts.

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