Etowah Elementary School

Etowah, Henderson County, North Carolina
Saturday, 5 May 2007

The singing was sung from the 'Carolina book' and the 'Alabama book' as noted (AL).

Mr Jimmie Cantrell led the opening prayer, and called on Scott Swanton to lead the singing.
21-Webster, Scott Swanton
128t-Ninety-Fifth, Dan Huger
381A (109 AL)-Not Made with Hands, Jean Allen for Mr James Egerton
381B (165 AL)-Babylon is Fallen
333b-Night is Coming, Chris Wilhelm
134-Liberty, Mary Baumeister

89b-Northfield, Diane Eskenasy
153-Columbus, Jane Spencer
130b-Passing Away, Don Wiley
285b-Happy Land
339-Samanthra, Julianne Wiley
258-Thorny Desert, Steve Walker
144t-Tribulation, Dot Lane
235-Faithful Soldier
Blessing, Dan Huger

143 (AL)-Farther Along, Scott Swanton
184 (AL)-Never Grow Old
117-Angel Band, Anna Swanton and Beth Semadeni
55t-Carolina, Becky Walker
29 -Warrenton
248b-Union, Chris Berg
87b-Hicks Farwell, Steve Houseworth
48b-New Britain
77b-Cambridge, Dan Huger
96-Dungeness, Jean Allen
170b-Bohemia, Chris Wilhelm
209t-The Lord's Supper, Mary Baumeister
283-Willowby, Diane Eskenasy
61t-North Carolina, Jane Spencer
86-Ortonville, Done Wiley
245t-Bozrah, Julianne Wiley
30t (AL)-Zion's Joy, Steve Walker
171t-Sessions, Dot Lane
179 (AL)-Traveling On, Scott Swanton
26b-Ninety-Third, Beth Semadeni
128b-Hester, Chris Berg
253 (AL)-Is It Far?-Dan Huger (by req)
77t-Rockingham, Mary Baumeister (by req)
In lieu of a business meeting, it was agreed that, as the school seems to be trying to dispense with the singing, Mr Cantrell would see about the singing next time being at the Lion's Club hall, just down the road past the school.

200b-Parting Hand

Closing prayer, Mary Baumeister

There were about 25 singers. The weather was overcast and rainy. Thank you once again to Mr Cantrell.

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