First Annual Camp DoReMi
Wildacres Retreat
Little Switzerland, McDowell County, North Carolina

Evening Singing Friday, 17 August 2007
Walker Edition of The Christian Harmony (Carolina Book)

26b - Ninety-Third, Jane Spencer

Opening Prayer - John Hollingsworth

250 - Realms of the Blest, John Hollingsworth
189b - Retreat, Don Wiley
381C - Twilight is Falling, Angie Lawless
134 - Liberty, Willie Israel
255t - Watchman, Dorothy Lane
214 - Hosanna, Edna Vickers
291b - Warrenton, Sarah Jane Thomas
369 - Easter Anthem (by request), John Plunkett
139b - Suffield, Mary Baumeister
55b - Idumea, Scott Swanton
105b - Resignation, Dan Huger
259b - Olney, Robert Good
306 - Middlebury, Sharon Kellam


77b - Cambridge, Chris Wilhelm
23b - Evening Hymn, Michael Spencer
78b - New Brittain, Cleo Farr, Anna Swanton, Wyatt Farr
223t - Hendon, Robert Varkony
293 - Lenox, Tina Becker
207t - Windham, Ann Strange
159t - The Saint's Delight, Jeff Farr
63t - Condescension, Mary Baumeister
49 - Forever with the Lord, Dan Huger

Closing Prayer - Dan Huger

There were 54 full time campers and 8 commuters enrolled in the first Camp Doremi. Several local folks from the community joined us for evening singings. Instructors were: Sharon Kellam, Willie Israel, Scott Swanton, Mary Baumeister, John Hollingsworth, Jeff Farr, John Plunkett and Jane Spencer. Dorothy Lane and Philip Spencer made homemade ice cream in three flavors for an afternoon treat.

Minutes by Beth Semadeni

Evening Singing Saturday, August 18, 2007
Walker Edition of The Christian Harmony (Carolina Book)

86 - Ortonville, Willie Israel

Opening Prayer - Scott Swanton

261t - The Good Shepherd, Jane Spencer
127 - Ocean, Willie Israel
339 - Samanthra, Scott Swanton
206b - Supplication, Mary Baumeister
63b - Azmon, Tina Becker
130b - Passing Away, Don Wiley
359 - Wondrous Love, Cleo Farr
291b - Warrenton, Wyatt Farr
103b - Fish Pond, Chris Wilhelm

Business Meeting - Dan Huger conducted the meeting and thanked Jane Spencer for organizing Camp Doremi. Tom Clay was acknowledged as instrumental to the idea of Camp Doremi being at Wildacres Retreat. We voted and agreed to have Camp Doremi again next summer at Wildacres Retreat, and to explore the possibility of adding one more day to the camp. Jane Spencer was elected to be President of Camp Doremi and Beth Semadeni was elected to be Vice-President. A sign-up sheet for volunteers for camp was made available.

Memorial Lesson - Willie Israel led the lesson in memory of the following deceased: Sue Smathers, Marie Tabor, Hibbard Thatcher, Nann Guthrie, Patle Mitchell, Oletha Feemster, Perla Wein. Scott Swanton read the names of the deceased and led 117, Angel Band in their memory. Willie remarked that there is healing in singing. John Plunkett read the names of the following sick and shut-ins: Raymond Hamrick, Larry Beveridge, BC Condon, Larry Glenn, Doris DeSpain, Howard Allen, Lawrence Mooney, William E. Good, Johanna Wood. John led 37t, Christian Love for the sick and shut-in. Willie Israel closed the Memorial Lesson with prayer.


185b - Corinth, Dan Huger
214 - Hosanna, Sarah Jane Thomas
255t - Watchman, Anna Swanton
30b - Dennis, Michael Spencer
223t - Hendon, Robert Varkony
249t - Green Fields, Dorothy Lane, Annie Greene, Nancy Canipe, Mary Ramsey & Jane Spencer
89b - Northfield, Edna Vickers, Angie Lawless, Erin Lawless & Cheryl Murphy
140 - Edom, Angie Lawless
77t - Rockingham, Dan Huger
171t - Sessions, Beth Semadeni & Jane Spencer
245t - Bozrah, Don Wiley (for Julianne Wiley)
136 - Sherburne, Jane Spencer (by request)
198 - Creation, Willie Israel


200b - Parting Hand, Jane Spencer

Closing Prayer - Dan Huger

Minutes by Chris Wilhelm

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