Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church Singing

Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church
Tickanetley Community, near Ellijay, Gilmer County, Georgia

Sunday, August 27, 2006

All selections from The Christian Harmony ('Alabama book', Deason-Parris revision, 2002 printing).
Singers often led two songs at a time.

Paul Mooney, Jr. welcomed the singers, and led
31t, Home
27t, Morning Worship - Paul Mooney, Jr.
Opening prayer, Elder Lawrence Mooney
159 - John Lowman
141, Detroit
128t, Hester - Mark Weaver
245, Bozrah
225b, Martin - Wayne Richard
55b, Idumea
245, Bozrah - Jeremy Shipp
36t, Lovely Vine
16, The Finest Flower - Laurel Horton
217, Jerusalem
287, Indian Convert - Edna Vickers
199, Vernon
91, There is a Fountain - Ralph Parker
214, Hosanna
274, Mother Tell Me of the Angels - Chase Mooney
249t, Green Fields
215, In That Morning - Ed Smith
131, Will You Meet Me?
95, Canaan's Land - Greg Smith
84, Homeland

The singing adjourned for Preaching Service.
Elder Paul Mooney and Elder Ed Smith spoke.


Paul Mooney, Jr. called the singing back to order, leading
264, Harwell
109, Not Made with Hands - Carl Blozan
135, Raymond (incl. 'by the numbers')
89, Northfield - Mildred Chandler
369, Easter Anthem
179, Traveling On - Lawrence Mooney
126, Ocean
168b, Sunrise - Lee Rogers
85b, Mercy Seat
117, Angel Band - Robert Johnson
303, The Unclouded Day
77, How Beautiful Heaven Must Be - Beau Lowman
289, Happy Land
330, Fulfillment - Dan Huger
76b, Night
307, True Happiness - Ken George
206, Prayer Meeting
184, Where We'll Never Grow Old - Mary Baumeister
24t, Volusia
42, Joy Bells - Lawrence Mooney
316, This Heavy Load
51, Lonsdale - Judy Mincey
258, Thorny Desert
255, Watchman (Second) - Maggie Patterson
355, Homeward Bound
254t, Bartimeus - Ellen Ridehalgh
136, Sherburne
147, Fairfield - Chris Wilhelm
372, I Won't Turn Back
82b, Gospel Waves - Ralph Parker
23b, Evening Hymn - Leonard Mooney
Closing prayer, Bro. Leonard Mooney

Paul Mooney, Jr. was reelected chair of the singing.

Today was the 70th anniversary of Elder Lawrence Mooney's baptism. In October 2006, Tickanetley Church will celebrate its 150th anniversary.

It was a mild day.

Minutes: Paul Mooney, Jr.

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