Swannanoa Valley Singing

St. James Episcopal Church Parish Hall
Black Mountain, Buncombe County, North Carolina
Saturday, 11 November 2006

All selections "Carolina Book" unless noted.

Chair Joe Holbert greeted the singers, asked for a Quaker-style 'moment of silent prayer', then led
59b-Dove of Peace
Joe then called on Mary Baumeister, who thereafter called leaders.
180t-Hesperia, Mary Baumeister
143t-Coleshill, Larry Beveridge
321t-Olive Shade (by request)
155-Solemn Call, Chris Wilhelm
77b-Cambridge, Guy Bankes
It being about 11:11 AM, by request Larry Beveridge led a moment of silence in honor of Armistice Day - Veterans Day, and our men and women in service.


55t-Carolina, Jane Spencer
87t-Zerah, in honor of the Hollingsworth family, who this week lost in Bill Benton a husband, son-in-law and brother.
173t-Anvern, John Plunkett
245t-Bozrah, Julianne Wiley
88-Pisgah, Ken George
117-Angel Band, Anna Swanton & Jasmine Hampton
359-Wondrous Love, Carl Blozan
381A-Not Made with Hands
115b-It Is I, Lucy Sandidge
56b-Sing to Me of Heaven


135-Raymond, Scott Swanton
250-Realms of the Blest, Dan Huger
261t-The Good Shepherd
59t-Mear, Beth Semadeni
70b-Brown, Erin Mills
381B-Babylon is Fallen
367-David's Lamentation, Tom Clay
280t-Zion, Don Wiley
151-Sweet Prospect, Jonathon Smith
55b-Idumea, Robert Greene
137-Antioch, Steve Houseworth
78b-New Britain


'Beautiful Star of Bethlehem'-Ken George
255t-Watchman, Anna Swanton & Jasmine Hampton
89b-Northfield, Julianne Wiley
254b-Sicily, Steve Houseworth
198-Creation, Guy Bankes (for Anne Beveridge & Willie Israel)
77t-Rockingham, Dan Huger
287-Indian Convert, Jonathon Smith

200b-Parting Hand
Dismissal, Scott Swanton

There were 25 singers before dinner.
The new space is very good for singing: thanks to St James for allowing us to use it; and to Joe Holbert for securing it.

Thanks to all the friends who traveled long distances to sing with us.

The day started sunny and mild, but ended stormy, wet and cold.

Minutes, thanks to Dan Huger

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