Black Mountain - Swannanoa Valley Singing

Saturday, 12 November, 2005
Black Mountain Center for the Arts
Black Mountain, Buncombe County, North Carolina

All songs from William Walker's 1873 2nd edition, the 1994 revision (the 'Carolina book').

A number of us arrived early to help set up and by about 9:30 our work was completed, so we decided to sing - a sort of preliminary warming up which would not "count" towards songs already sung.

Consolation 145b - Chris Wilhelm
Coleshill 143t - Guy Bankes
Portugal 183t - Mary Baumeister
Oliphant 279 - Lucy Sandidge
... at which point Willie unexpectedly arrived!

At 10 AM Joe Holbert welcomed the singers and we began with a moment of silence.
Coronation 129 - Joe Holbert
Hallelujah 157b
Bozrah 245t - Willie Israel
Green Meadows 299
Boswell 80b - Guy Bankes *
Bohemia 170b
Portugal 183t - Mary Baumeister
Condescension 63t
Something New 93 - Chris Wilhelm
Cambridge 77
Jerusalem 217 - Sarah Jane Thomas
Restoration 269t
Amity 290 - Lucy Sandidge
Oliphant 270
Hendon 223t - Eddie Mash
O Save 216t
Happy Land 289b - Jeff Farr
Wondrous Love 359 - Cheryl Summers and son, Wyatt
Angel Band 117 - Marie Craig
Rothwell 182t - Willie Israel
Edom 140
Ninety Fifth 128t - Dan Huger
Easter Anthem 369b
Warrenton 291b - Ann Strange

Joe called for a moment of silent grace and we broke for Dinner

Not Made With Hands 381A - Carl Blozan
Twilight is Falling 381C
Holy Manna 381D - Joe Holbert
Dove of Peace 59b
Bangor 146b - Guy Bankes
Ardor 41b
Indian's Farewell 231b - Mary Baumeister
Friendship 282
Damascus 132 - Chris Wilhelm
Dundee 67b
Sweet Rivers 106 - Sarah Jane Thomas
Idumea 55b
Lonsdale 51 - Lucy Sandidge
Hosanna 214
Newburg 52 - Eddie Mash (then re-led by Dan, twice as fast)
Tribulation 144t
Sing to Me of Heaven 56b - Jeff Farr
Heavenly Armor 238b
Walk With God 144b - Cheryl Summers (with Mary Baumeister)
Mocksville 28t - Marie Craig
Union 248b - Dan Huger
The Good Shepherd 261t
Duke Street 178b - Ann Strange
Urmund 320 - Carl Blozan
David's Lamentation 367
Creation 198 - Joe Holbert
Hester 128b - Guy Bankes
Supplication 206b - Mary Baumeister
Davis 338b - Chris Wilhelm
Samanthra 339 - Sarah Jane Thomas

We passed the hat for donations to pay for this space

Northfield 89b - Lucy Sandidge
Windham 207t - Dan Huger


Parting Hand 200b

There were 25-30 singers. It was good to have Cheryl and Jeff's children, Wyatt and Cleo, singing with us. The day was a perfect fall day, bright and brisk.

* Guy commented on some notes in the treble of Boswell which are preceded by a "natural" sign. Since they are already natural, he is of the opinion this is a misprint and they should be sharped.

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