31st Annual Mountain Heritage Day Singing

Western Carolina University
Cullowhee, Jackson County, North Carolina

The morning session was sung from the Sacred Harp.
As a substantial minority of singers were using loaner books, the singing essentially was sung from the 1971 revision.

Mr Hugh McGraw gave introductory and explanatory remarks, then led 49t-Old Hundred. He then called the following leaders:
56b-Villulia, Mary Baumeister
48b-Kedron, Dan Huger
209-Evening Shade
49b-Mear, Ed Smith
148-Jefferson, Willie Israel
551b-Jacob's Vision
Dr James Dooley, Emeritus Chair of the WCU Music Department, welcomed the class, and remembered particularly Dr Eva Adcock, who founded the MHD Singing 31 years ago. He then led 127-Green Fields.
58-Pisgah, Will Peebles
45t-New Britain
63-Coronation, Mike Nichols
569b-Sacred Throne, Jane Spencer
107-Russia, Steve Walker
101t-Canaan's Land, Barbara Denson
373-Homeward Bound
81t-Beach Spring, John Plunkett
454-The Better Land, Lee Rogers
59-Holy Manna, Carl Johnson
129-Heavenly Armor
182-Newburgh, Eddie Ma
85-The Morning Trumpet, Trevor Lanier
312b-Restoration (First), Mike Spencer
300-Calvary, Judy Mincey
335-Return Again, Caroline Parsons
70b-Save, Mighty Lord, Lucy Sandidge
515-Federal Street, Willie Israel
452b-Martin, Ken George
539b-Supplication, Mary Baumeister
86-Poland, Dan Huger
87-Sweet Canaan, Hugh McGraw

Blessing, Gary Poe


The afternoon session was sung from Christian Harmony, ?Carolina book? (William Walker 1873, 1994 rev ed.).
Dr Dooley greeted the class, and led song on page 255t-Watchman
61t-North Carolina, Dan Huger
208b-French Broad
60b-China, Willie Israel
151-Sweet Prospect, Mary Baumeister
214-Hosanna, Hugh McGraw
50-Cranbrook, Judy Mincey
136-Sherburne, Ed Smith
51-Lonsdale, Will Peebles
103b-Fish Pond
207t-Windham, Homer Smith
215t-In That Morning, Caroline Parsons
159-The Saint's Delight
204t-Prayer Meeting, Ken George
245t-Bozrah, Jane Spencer
279-Oliphant, Lucy Sandidge
68t-Barby, Mike Nichols
250-Realms of the Blest
162t-Heavenly Light, Lee Rogers
77b-Cambridge, Chris Wilhelm
360-The Saints Bound for Heaven
127-Ocean, Eddie Mash
89b-Northfield, Steve Walker
235-Faithful Soldier
381A-Not Made with Hands
234-The Singing Christian, John Plunkett
110t-Volunteers, Edna Vickers
248b-Union, Willie Israel
200b-Parting Hand
Closing Prayer, John Plunkett

Minutes, Caroline Parsons

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