Old St John's Singing

Historic Saint John's Episcopal Church
Rutherfordton, Rutherford County, North Carolina
Saturday, 11 December 2004

All selections "Carolina book".

Welcome and opening prayer - Dorothy (Dot) Lane

381D Holy Manna - Dorothy Lane
215 In That Morning
105b Resignation - Jane Spencer
123t Rapturous Scene
130b Passing Away - Scott Swanton
128t Ninety-Fifth
346 Star in the East - Sharon Kellam
171t Sessions
51 Lonsdale - John Hollingsworth
158 The Land of Rest
89b Northfield - Sarah Jane Thomas
157b Hallelujah
166b Endor - John Plunkett
304 Blue Vale of Naucoochee
141b Detroit - Chris Wilhelm
214 Hosanna - Chris Wilhelm & Lucy Sandidge

87t Zerah - Guy Bankes
342t Blest Morn
281b Palmetto - Martha Beverly
294 Carmarthen
299 Green Meadows - Nancy Yeager
359 Wondrous Love - Carl Blozan
381A Not Made with Hands
140 Edom - Diane Eskenasy
136 Sherburne
67b Dundee - Dan Huger
Grace, Dorothy Lane


217 Jerusalem - Laurel Horton
208t Kedron
339 Samanthra - June Smathers Jolley
77t Rockingham
251 Disciple - David Yeager
198 Creation
170b Bohemia - Mary Baumeister
80t Caddo
137 Antioch - Charles Lowery & Victoria Wellborn
347 Portuguese Hymn
178b Duke Street - Becky Walker
291b Warrenton
245t Bozrah - Wayne Richard
55b Idumea
153 Columbus - Dan Huger, for Ann Jennings Brunk (1913-2004), mother of Bob Brunk, who was at this very hour attending her funeral in Sarasota, Florida. Prayers were also requested for Laura Boosinger, whose father is in a bad way.
248b Union
207t Windham - Steve Walker
21 Webster
26b Ninety-Third - Bill Beverly
369b Easter Anthem - Bill Beverly & John Hollingsworth
381C Twilight is Falling - Ken & Martha George
204t Prayer Meeting
293 Lenox - Chris Berg
208b French Broad
255t Watchman - Marty Fields
117 Angel Band - Sharon Kellam & Friends
200b Parting Hand
Closing Prayer - John Plunkett

A very kind thank-you to Rutherford County Historical Society, for the use the building. And thanks to them for preserving it for future generations.

Minutes: Jane Spencer

There were 50 some singers in attendance. The weather was bright and crisp.

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