A Small Group, Black Mountain

Friday, 25 November 2022

A small group met at Lake Tomahawk to sing with an out-of-state singer traveling through the area.

Selections from The Christian Harmony, 1873/2015 edition
262, Collins
213, The Sailor's Home
337t, Sweet Harmony
50, Cranbrook
143, Coleshill
321t, Olive Shade

Selections from The New Harp of Columbia
121, Seaman
163, New Topia
30, Sion's Security
114t, Zion
52A, Evening Shade
180, Whitestown
136, The Pearl

Selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition
350, Nativity
273, Milford
186, Sherburne
225, Christmas Anthem
306, Oxford

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