A Small Group, Asheville

Saturday, 11 December 2021

A small group met to sing with an out-of-state singer traveling through the area.

Selections from The Sacred Harp, 1991 edition
345t, Jesus is My Friend
336, Eternal Home, for Julian
424, Sweet Union
324, North Port
399b, Happy Christian
138t, Adoration
273, Milford
306, Oxford
270, Confidence, for Marie
271t, Arkansas, IMO a friend
225b, Christmas Anthem
37b, Liverpool
134, The Christian's Hope
205, Pleasant Hill
157, Essay

Selections from The Christian Harmony, 2010 edition
61t, North Carolina
261b, Alone
235, Faithful Soldier, IMO Dorothy Lane
197, The Living Vine
276, Worlds Beyond the Sky
114, That Glorious Day
125t, Endless Joy
332, Babylonian Captivity
26t, Golden Hill
176, Heavenly Treasures

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